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September 2011 in Review

September was a good month, as I had hoped it would be. I got the MUCH NEEDED blog-cation during the last 10 days ... but I promise I am back with usual posts and outfits from Monday! Now over to re-caping this past month...

Some of your enjoyed the Satire on the Anonymous ... and some of you questioned why I was letting them get to me? I can promise you that they do not affect them, the only reason I bring them to light is to show that while they exist they do not bother me. It is my way of facing them head on. 

On the bright side I got a chance to visit NYC for the IFB Conference and hang out with so many fabulous bloggers ... with few even at the Central Park. Gave a shot at the stripes on stripes trend. Wore two of the things I won from Giveaways last month - the earrings and this gorgeous dress. Got inspired from the fabulous J for this outfit, which most of your approved (Thank You!). Showcased my pretty-dainty-fisttail braid- for the first time. Lastly, if you didn't like this outfit, you didn't offend me. I always appreciate your honesty! 

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My take on the 'I am ...' series. 

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