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ONE Country!

... Readers from  countries other than India, this might not be of your interest. 
Feel free to scroll down directly to the outfit :)

If you don't like something, change it. 
If you can't change it, then change your attitude. 
Don't complain. - Maya Angelou

I worry about my country. A. LOT. While the world admires our culture, diversity, and traditions ... us Indians we see those exact same things and call them our differences on the basis of race, caste and color

Any logical person would know that no city (or country/or person) is without its faults. Every region has something to offer while it lacks in something else. Wasn't that the whole point of bringing all the states together and making India, ONE country? So that we can co-exist and reap the benefits of a nation? Can one single state, honestly say that they are self sufficient and will be able to survive on their own? That's fundamental economics, which any one who went to school would know! 

Of course, while growing up I have been naive enough to become part of many discussions where Delhi was being pinned against Bombay and I felt I had to stand up for my city. But today I know better! I might not have the power to control everyone but I would not participate in such a discussion even if it is done in 'good' humor. For I know that such discussions never reach a conclusion but definitely sew seeds of racism/regionalism. As educated-internet-savvy-well-traveled-responsible-adults, we all should think (more than) twice before we even try and make joke (or remark) which has even a hint of racism or discrimination (don't even get me started about people who write full-fledged blog posts!). 

The world is moving at lightening speed, while we are still arguing over whether Bombay (will some Thackeray come and kill me if I don't call it Mumbai?) is better than Delhi or South Indian food is better than North Indian food or if more color and tradition lies in West India than East India. I mean, who cares? We all are luckily part of the same country and do not have to choose! Shouldn't we be glad about that? ... Or would we rather, prefer to live in a world where we needed visa and passport to go from Madras (oh shoot!) Chennai to Begaluru Bangalore (darn!) & from Orissa (Blah!) Odisha to Pashim Banga West Bengal (Mehh!)? I mean, just imagine GOA not being part of 'YOUR' country? [That got your attention, didn't it? ;)]

SO, until WE do not stop dissecting our country in to regions and start seeing it as ONE, there is little-to-no-hope of real advancement! I kid-you-not!

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... In a larger scheme of life!

Necklace - ASOS [10']
Bag - ChloƩ [07']
Skirt - c/o Lulu's [11']
Dress worn as top - Zara [06']
Shoes - BAMBOO c/o Lulu's [11']
Bracelets - From streets of Delhi [07']

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