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Mood Board - 'I am...' Vol.1

1:01 AM

These pictures didn't make the cut for the original outfit posts, 
but are a perfect representation of my many moods! Yeh? ;)

Hello world! How are you doing? I know I have been missing in action for the past week. The blog has been running like an infomercial, without an anchor :P ... But it sure felt good. A little time away from the blog always does-me-some-good. But I am not necessarily back with any interesting outfits or profound thoughts. Time off doesn't mean an automatic access to inspiration - That's a myth.  

Although, I did decide to share my weird-funny-faces with you in return. Some of you told me they you thought I was a little strict or serious types before you saw and heard my vlogs, which made me think even more about myself (as if I need a reason to do that :P) ... I realized it is time to show you the outcast photos. These don't always make it to the blog, but they are the REAL ME! :) 

This is as good as any other reason to give a shot at the 'I Am..' series as well. This was started by Whitney of The Meade Feed. I heard about it here. 

I am a thinker.
I am confident.
I am opinionated. 
I am positive.
I am a travel-o-holic!

...I will continue to add to this list :) 

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  1. He he he... I also have loads of these wierd photos which I also dont post :) Sometimes I am tempted to but still don't... And I am travel-o-holic too!! :) I get so depressed and cranky without it!


  2. liked the mood board and waiting for regular posting to start

  3. For those of us who haven't (yet) met you in real life, its nice to see this side of you!
    Usually when i take outfit pics 9 out of 10 turn out to be like this!

  4. HAHAHHA!!! i absolutely LOVE this! :D
    you should totally frame it and put it up in ur house! its awesome

  5. this is such a cute collage with all ur expressions!! love it...
    though I'm missing you regular outfit posts

  6. Great outtakes. A lot of mine have weird expressions too.

  7. Nice...and the pics r cute wit u making faces, a pleasant departure from the perfect pics that u always post.

  8. hahaha :D cute! welcome back tanvi :) you were missed!


  9. The mood chart is ADORABLE! :D
    Loving the expressions.

  10. glad u r back tanvi..loving ur expressions..

  11. hahaha I LOVE this! I have many such photos too!


  12. Hey Tanvi, I always love a good break from blogging, and do take some. In fact, I do that too often. To be fair, I have a full life right now, and have been multi-tasking a whole lot.

    Love your mood-board images, cute and versatile, like you. Good to have you back, though. take your time to slip back into your wonderful blogging mode.

    Love and hugs,

  13. This is so fun post, it's nice to see the real people behind the blogs and not just the serious modeling sidepersons ;) I was also thinking about the kind of behind the.scenes post for some day away in the future, and now you showed me how great it could work. :)

  14. Also write

    "I am a super girl'

  15. Great outtakes. They remind us that you're human like us and not the perfect Goddess of Fashion we sometimes mistake you for. :)

  16. Awh I love these!!! Although I must admit I never took you as strict or serious before from your photos :)

    Have a great day! xoxo

  17. These pictures are the best! Hugs to you my fellow travelholic!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  18. Oh Tanvi you are indeed all of those things as well as beautiful, genuine and thoughtful--and I don't even know you IRL!!! I love your goofy pictures. Have a good blogcation!

  19. I know the real Tanvi is a right giggle, full of cheek and sass and these pictures prive it!
    Yeah to being a travel-aholic, just wish I had the cash to do it more often. x

  20. Tanvi, you are all those things PLUS inspirational, witty, down to earth & Intelligent ... And I never doubted this side of you existed. The photos are awesome :)


  21. Sometimes a bloggy break is just what you need! Love all your funny faces...adorable! :)

  22. Imprefect pics speaks about us perfectly.. :) U are adorable and inspiration to many.. waiting for your outfit posts.. :)

  23. Hi tanvii

    I need your help. My marriage is fixed in January 2012 and my would be husband works in Japan bt basically resides in Delhi. So after marriage I will have to move to Japan after spending some time with my in laws in Delhi. I am confused as what to shop and what to do as I am not able to understand how many casuals and how many Indian wear should I buy?
    My total budget for casuals excluding the lehanga and Indian wear is around 80K.
    I will really appreciate your guidance.

  24. I love this! Great that you've included "visuals" of who you are as well as your words. Even though I know you now :) :), it's great to learn more. xo

  25. Oh,I knew all that.Tell us something new.;-)
    And I'd have these pictures over your perfect outfit pictures any day!They're so real!Livens up anyone in a bad mood.

  26. Awwwww.......some of these snaps are real cute babe!!!! So TOTALLY you - spontaneous, fun & care-free! Be like this always! Much love......mwah! <3

  27. I absolutely know how you feel. I have been taking a bit of a break from blogging

    Ive been feeling a bit uninspired by my closet!

  28. Welcome back lady you are fierce!

  29. YestYday I was going to do a bloopers post but changed my mind. Love what you did!!
    I am all those things on your list that why I love you:))))

  30. loving the real u!!!:)i really hope u r back to your super posts after a well deserved break.......

  31. It is always very good to have a break.
    Much love, my dear Tanvi.

  32. I have been missing in action also. So totally understand. Loving you moodboard and the I AM list is a great idea. Xxxx

  33. i love u like this so much more than the posey posey ones-though they are often very haaaawwwt...but this is the cute you..and yes, it is YOU in all your splendor and liveliness...
    i loooooooooooooved the 2nd n 6th pictures-my god, you look upto some mischief:-)

  34. Thank God u opened comments again!! U won't me to dye??:D Love all your faces, you mimic queen!;)
    Jelena (

  35. since i was fortunate enough to meet you in person after traveling to NY, i find you to be a confident thinking woman with great opinions and a positive outlook. :)

  36. Love the "mood" board! Many has uncanny resemblance to mine ;)

    ♡ from ©

  37. We have always seen your smart side till now and here we see the cute side!

  38. The mood board is simply MASsssT :)

    Good to see the I AM series on your blog... waiting for additions to the list and more pictures, ofcourse :)

  39. FUN!!!!
    I AM.... Loving it :-)



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