Mood Board - 'I am...' Vol.1

1:01 AM

These pictures didn't make the cut for the original outfit posts, 
but are a perfect representation of my many moods! Yeh? ;)

Hello world! How are you doing? I know I have been missing in action for the past week. The blog has been running like an infomercial, without an anchor :P ... But it sure felt good. A little time away from the blog always does-me-some-good. But I am not necessarily back with any interesting outfits or profound thoughts. Time off doesn't mean an automatic access to inspiration - That's a myth.  

Although, I did decide to share my weird-funny-faces with you in return. Some of you told me they you thought I was a little strict or serious types before you saw and heard my vlogs, which made me think even more about myself (as if I need a reason to do that :P) ... I realized it is time to show you the outcast photos. These don't always make it to the blog, but they are the REAL ME! :) 

This is as good as any other reason to give a shot at the 'I Am..' series as well. This was started by Whitney of The Meade Feed. I heard about it here. 

I am a thinker.
I am confident.
I am opinionated. 
I am positive.
I am a travel-o-holic!

...I will continue to add to this list :) 

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