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Lessons from IFB Sept' 2011

I enjoyed being at IFB, more for the opportunity of meeting bloggers/readers than the conference itself, to be honest. I think it is a great platform for networking and tapping the know-hows of the area but if you have been blogging (successful!?!) for over 1-2 years then you basically have got the basics already. Nonetheless, here is the synopsis of what was discussed at IFB

Lessons from IFB Conference Sept. 2011
  • Recognize your worth - Do not work with companies for free! If even 'one' blogger does it for free then the companies will not feel obligated to pay. Speak Up!
  • Responsibility - If you decide to make your blog 'big' then you have responsibilities. Towards your readers, towards the companies, towards your BLOG!
  • Credibility - Do not be a sell out! Just because you receive something for free doesn't mean you have to write about it. But if you choose to write then make sure it is the truth! 
  • Readers are most important - I would assume it is common sense but surprisingly it isn't - Reply to the tweets, Facebook messages, emails. If a blog is a half commitment, then you should try to do something else. 
  • Original Content - Authenticity! Authenticity! Authenticity! That's the only reason to blog. If you are continuously going to cut-copy-paste pictures from all over the web then you might as well wave Good Bye to your blog right away. 
  • Find your voice/niche: ...and stay true to it ... everything else will follow! Don't try and emulate your favorite blogger's style, instead aim to emulate their drive, passion and uniqueness.
  • Brand your blog - Promote yourself. It is free! And if you don't then no one else is going to do it for you. Also, remember the only thing that sets your blog apart from the next one is YOU & your thoughts!
  • Let your thoughts flow - Don't get caught up editing your blog posts too much. The whole point is to be authentic. Let your thoughts flow.  
This I would say was the gist of it all. Even if we know this already, it doesn't hurts to have it re-enforced by the best in the business. 

Colored Pants | Everybody, Everywear
Tank - Victoria Secrets [PINK 09']
Jeans - Zara [11']
Shoes - Gucci [05']
Watch - Casio [11']
Bag - Alexander Wang [11']
Earrings - via Giveaway at City Brewed [11']
Necklace - Gift from Richa [MAC Cosmetics 11']

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