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Last Night in NYC

These pictures are from my last evening in NYC. I was contemplating posting them as they are not as sharp as what we have gotten used to here on the blog, ....but I really liked the 'raw' effect. Everything cannot be perfect, all the time right?

My friend took these pictures and this was her first time operating a DSLR, that too at NIGHT - a difficult task! At first, I thought she was struggling all for my cause, but only after asking her to let it go for about 10 times, I realized she was actually having fun and was down with the whole outfit-photography-thing! 

I often complain about not having any friends who live close by, but I am really thankful for having some really good friends all around the world. Me and Khushbu are middle school friends. We became friends in 1994 and were in the same school till 1998 - since then we have always maintained a long distance friendship. I love that even today I can meet her and connect from the same point from where we left off. This girl is smart, kind, down-to-earth and a go-getter! I already cannot wait to see her again :D

This are taken on her apartment building's rooftop
The lights shooting into the sky, was in honor of 9/11
Photography courtesy my friend Khushbu
This was her first time using the SLR, that too at night, hence a little blurry shots!

Tank - ASOS [10']
Jacket - Urban Outfitters [10']
Cut Offs - Made from Miss Sixty Jeans [06']
Boots - United Nude [08']

P.S. I knew when I was posting these pictures that this is going to be one of those outfits which looked much better in real life than it does in pictures, but then since I dress for myself and not the pictures, I thought I will post it anyways! If you don't like it - No hard feelings. :) 

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