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Inspiration - J & SJP

Today's inspiration has been via-via. I saw J wearing this outfit sometime back and my instant reaction was, "I have everything in my wardrobe to re-create this look". And I so I did, but of course with my own twist

Something about J - Besides the fact that she has an impeccable fashion sense, she is one of the nicest people I have met in the blogging world. Often I meet people, who always fall short of their 'blog image' for whatever reason but it has been a pleasure knowing J from the word go! She is a celebrity in her own right, in the blogging world (with over 14,000 fans on Facebook!) without the airs and the 'oh-how-can-I-reply-to-my-million-readers-attitude'!

May be I am partial 'coz I consider her my friend, but even before I got to know her well, I related to her sense of responsibility and demeanor towards her readers (and fans!).
Here's the outfit inspired more by her, than SJP! :)
Sarah Jessica Parker -> J, from J's Everyday Fashion -> Yours truly!
My Outfit
Top - Gap [09']
Pants - Zara [11']
Necklace - Gift [From Mom 10']
Bracelet - Gift Packing Material [11']
Shoes - Charlotte Russe [10']

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