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IFB Conference 2011

Blogging is truly a fantastic community. It has been one of the most enriching hobbies of my life. I have grown immensely and learnt a lot about myself, via this hobby, in the past year. 

I had an amazing time at the IFB conference here in NYC yesterday. It was a wonderful experience. Everyone was so friendly and warm, it felt like I had known them for the longest time. It is such a surreal experience when the bloggers come up to you and recognize you from your blogs. We all were having our 'celebrity-moment' via each other, one place where women were taking it as a compliment if other women were eyeing them head-to-toe. Clicking pictures of each other's outfits, exchanging business cards, ogling over the bags and accessories, ... it was like being surrounded with a whole room of like-minded people. If you want to check out the pictures from the conference you can click here but if you are looking for the 'learned' stuff from the conference then I aint your gal! I am sure you will get to read all about it, on one of the other blogs, soon enough :) 

Though the weather in NYC has been wet and gloomy, nonetheless I am glad I flew down for the conference. This will be my go-to topic of conversation for several days to come. 

Photography courtesy Deepti from diptea-esque-ish

Cardigan - Calvin Klein [1999']
Top - ASOS [11']
Cargos - BCBG [09']
Shoes - ASOS [10']
Bag - Mulberry [05']
Watch - Michael Kors [11']

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