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Hi! I am Anonymous!

Hello Bloggers!

I am 'Anonymous'. I am a troll, you know the one who leaves "honest" feedback on your posts very bravely and in turn ruins your day? Yeah! Now you remember me, don't you? I am sure, I have either visited you or one of your blogging friends.

Basically I do not have a blog of my own (Well, actually I do, but no one follows it, and I do not want you all to discover me, so let's just say I do not have one, K? Shhhhhh!) so I do not care about the blogging ethics or etiquettes.

I am so jealous of everyone who is popular or has it better than me, that I cannot help but vomit venom, filled in my heart. I am fat, and ugly to look at, so I definitely could never become an outfit blogger.

On top of that I do not have the gift of writing or any original thoughts to share, that might interest people to follow my blog. And you know what, I have never stepped into the kitchen to even attempt a food blog. And since I am fat, I do not have a clue about the "F" of fitness. This doesn't leave me with any option but to grow green with envy and hatred towards the ones who are after all talented in more than one way.

I am so insecure about my existence on this earth that I find bullying people with snark remarks from the shield of my computer, is the only way I can feel better about myself.

But I do have one talent - talent to bring people who are doing better than me down. I believe I am giving constructive criticism but to be honest I do not know what 'constructive' means, so I go ahead give criticism. After all something is better than nothing, right?

So next time you cross ways with me, do not feel bad about yourself or your blog. In fact sympathize with me. You see, besides being a total nut-job, I am also unemployed. Hence have way too much time on my hand to go around writing 'comments' under my highly under-cover profile of 'Anonymous'! 

UpdatedThis post is a satire on the 'world-famous' - Anonymous! This is a work of 'fiction' based on the common issue I see around the blogosphere and not just out of my own experiences. I do have the 'Anonymous comments' disabled on this blog, but people are smart they form 'fake' profiles to leave such comments too. I would like to thank Gayatri & Suze, over at Twitter, for inspiring me yesterday to come up with this post! 

Kurti worn as a dress - Mom's [From India, 10']
Bracelet - Gift [From Mom 11']
Earrings - Gift [From Mom 10']
Ring - Charlotte Russe [10']
Shoes - Pier Lucci [07']

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