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From the Archives - 10 Essential Things to Pack...

10 Essential Things to pack while Traveling

I love traveling. I cannot go for more than two months without going out of town. But you all know that already. So while I am out at IFB Conference today, I will leave you guys with what I have learnt from my frequent travels. It never hurts to be prepared. This is the list of some basic essentials I believe one should pack regardless of whether it is a work-related or leisure trip.

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1. Small First Aid Box.  
You never know when you might need a band aid [shoe bite!].  Better to be prepared than to be in pain.  Specially when you are away from home.  You would find these at any pharmacy.

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2. Travel Size Toiletries:  
Specially with travel (luggage) restrictions increasing on a minute to minute basis it is only smart to carry travel size now.  But it is important that you do.  Sometimes you cannot even rely on the hotel to provide the best quality and often they run out sooner than your own travel size ones.

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3. Pair of comfortable walking shoes (Formal/Casual):  
Whether you are away on work or holiday a comfortable pair of shoes will take you a long way [literally and figuratively, both!].

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4. Pair of versatile heels:  
However, also be prepared for a night out, even if it is not on the itinerary. Never leave without a gorgeous pair of heels packed.  You will be sorry, if you don’t!  It is almost like the Murphy’s Law!

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5. Pair of comfortable Jeans:   
Again, you might be out of town on work or on a vacation, but a pair of Jeans is something that comes handy at the least expected time. The best part is that it can be dressed up or down as the need be!

Source: Pinterest 

6. A dress for an evening out:  
Just like the heels, it is always better to be prepared than to be sorry!  And how much space can a cute LBD possibly take? Right?

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7. A Book:  
Even if you are not a ‘reading’ person I would suggest to keep a book handy.  They are a great companion when you are stuck at airport due to delay, long transit, missed flight [!].  Books are also a good back-up plan, in case you have a rift with your travel companion [I am just saying!].

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8. Written Address & Phone No. of the destination:  
Although we all rely on our Blackberries and iPhones for everything now, I would still suggest carrying a written/printed form of address and whereabouts of your destination.  You never know when these things will die on you.  And chargers won’t help while you are on-the-go… isn’t it?

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9. Some easy to eat snacks:  
Always have some snacks handy in your bag.  Preferably both salted and sweet, like a bag of nuts/mini pretzels and jellybeans.  Personally, I always carry some protein bar. They fill me up for good 1-2 hours.

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10. Emergency Cash & Credit Cards [but separately]:  
Mostly the world runs on plastic today but one should always have some cash for emergencies. However, keep it separate from the cards so that if one is stolen or lost you have the other to fall back on!

    Bon Voyage!

What would you add to this list? 

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