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The Debt

There hasn't been any good movies coming out of Hollywood for some time now. We saw The Debt, yesterday though. It was worth a watch but didn't really blow my mind. Hopefully coming months will much more entertaining cinematically!

Though, I'm so excited about the remaining for this year for reasons besides cinema, starting from September. There are amazing and exciting things to look forward to ... Usually my life is quite monotonous and dull (Don't believe the pictures and my joie de vivre. It is all deceiving) but here onwards it is all going to be different and fun. 

I am also looking forward to the fall and winters. Personally, I prefer the 'fall/winter' dressing more than the spring/summer. Skinny pants, boots, scarfs, jackets ... so much to look forward to! I know I am one of the few who likes winters, most people usually run away from cold! Although, winters take a long time to arrive in Texas. We still have long dreadful summer remaining... 

Dress - Gift [Allen Solly (India) 09']
Scarf worn as belt - Esprit [02']
Shoes - Michael Kors [10']
Bangle - Gift [From Richa 11']
Earrings - c/o IN PINK [11']
Pink Stone Pendant - c/o Nanostyle [11']
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