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I received a parcel from Leia on Friday. I eagerly opened it to find this dress in in it. To say that I fell in love instantly, would be an understatement! What I feel for this dress is definitely more than love! :)

Colored Tights | Everybody, Everywear
Dress - InLoveWithFashion [11']
Necklace - c/o Charming Charlie [11'] 
Shoes - Dolce Vita [10']
Tights - Hue [10']
Soon it will be 3 years since I wrote my very first post (and 1.5 since I started Fashion Blogging) but even today I have this same redundant conversation with people in my life. At first it used to irritate me, but now I simply find it amusing. Here's a semi-fictional conversation for your entertainment -

World - Hey! How are you?
Me - Good! And you?

World - Good! ... So what's new?
Me - *trying to avoid the topic of 'blogging' at all costs* Oh! Nothing much, you know! Same old. Same old!

World - Are you still blogging?
Me*dang! How did I even think I could avoid this?* Yes! Yes! Very much so.

World - So tell me again, what do you blog about?
Me - *Yeah! Sure for the millionth time...* Well, about everything! My thoughts, fashion, fitness ... everything really. 

World - How does it work? You blog about stuff and a bunch of people read it?
Me - *Yeah! Sure. If 3,000 odd people are just a 'bunch' for you* Yup! Yup! That's how it works. People read and leave feedback as comments or emails. 

World - Oh! The world is getting so 'technological' nowadays. There is no human interaction. I think it is not good how much time people spend on social networks. Blogging, Facebook and all...
Me - *in a little stern tone now* Sure! But blogging is more than just social networking! It is an exchange of information and thoughts about common interests and passions. 

World - Hmmm! But how much can one blog?
Me - A lot, actually! People have made blogging their full-time career option. 

World - Really? Like who?
Me - You wouldn't know them but a.lot.of.people. In fact I met few of them in person, at a recent blogging conference. 

World - Bloggers have a conference now? *in a shocked tone*
Me - They sure do, and about 300 of them attended it, while 1000s followed it online via live-streaming.

World - What happens at this conference?
Me - *already loosing interest in this conversation* We discuss different aspects - readers, advertisements, feedback, etc. It is quite interesting. 

World - I really don't get it! I guess, I am not the blogging type! 
Me - *I already, knew that* ... That's O.K. I am sure you have other things keeping you occupied ... and I trail off to the next topic *hopefully*

...and I have such redundant conversations on many topics in my life - 
Food, Dieting, Fitness, Movies ... no matter how many times we discuss it, 
people go back to the same ground zero whenever we meet/talk again! *sigh*
May be people in real life are not half as interesting as online? Just, may be ... 

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