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At Central Park

I am back in Texas! Had been looking forward to my trip for over a month and I cannot believe it is over, already. Thankfully the sun did decide to shine upon us on our last day there. I also, got a chance to catch up with Asma, whom I had met back in March at the Texas Style Counsil in Austin. She is such a fun person to hang out with. All in all in was a short but great trip. And now that I am back, I will get in to the full swing of things, I finally get down to writing to post about what I learnt at IFB, after all. 

Photography courtesy Deepti from diptea-esque-ish
Dress - Bian [From India, 07']
Bag - Mulberry [05']
Shoes - Tory Burch [10']
Black Watch - Casio [11']
Orange Watch - Michael Kors [11']
Necklace & Earrings - c/o IN PINK [11']
With Asma
Deepti & Asma
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