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Unfavorable Feedback

Mobile Photo, to show you my feather extensions from last week,
in case you missed them on Twitter
 At National Harbor, Maryland
I have spent the last week in National Harbor, Maryland. Hence, the lack of outfit posts. This was the first picture we clicked, but all the heat & humidity was *clearly* making me grumpy. More pictures to follow in the up coming posts. Hopefully with a smile :) Back to the original post...

I have a pretty good memory. I remember nonspecific things, insignificant dates, and absolutely random people. Now like everyone (I am assuming?) I remember the unfavorable feedback more than the favorable one. I lived in a big family (of 13 and increasing) while growing up and was dotted up on by every.single.person. Each family member might have scolded me probably once in their life (besides my Mom, she definitely scolded me more than once :Pand till date I remember vividly when and where they said what! They probably don't even know *this*.

Similarly, I remember every single 'unfavorable' feedback I have received here on the blog as well. I am not calling it criticism 'coz it wasn't. It was only people's honest opinion, which I am fine with, by the way. E.g. Swati didn't like this outfit, Upasna, preferred it when I wore it here than here. m|w didn't appreciate my colors as much. My brother wasn't a fan of this outfit and my husband rolled his eyes a couple of times when I wore this. So on and so forth... So by that logic no matter how many people praise you, the ones who don't, are the ones that you will remember? [and by you I mean me] How crazy is that? I need to do something about my weird memory skills. 

On an un-related topic, did any one of you notice that I had three desi-fied [Indian-ized] outfits last month? I must be missing home, deep-down-some-where! *playing.self.therapist*

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