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Review: Feather Extensions

Look at me ... already doing the third vlog (second one in less than 2 weeks!). In the last one week, a lot of people have asked me questions regarding the look/feel, maintenance and upkeep of the extensions. So I thought, "Let's take the plunge and do the next vlog.

I got the extensions done last Thursday (28th July) and I did this vlog yesterday evening, so after exactly a week. 

If anyone of you decide to get these done, or already have them, do let me know. I would love to see them! 

In other news, we saw two movies last night. The Rise of the Planet of the Apes & & LURRRVED them both! Highly entertaining. Definitely recommend them. 

P.S. Yesterday three ladies stopped me at the mall to compliment me on my eyebrows. I came back home and stared at them for several minutes  [I know, how lame!and then tweeted about them. Its the Indian genes ladies. Nothing else! :o)

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