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Lead by example

I am someone who believes in leading by example, as well as, being led by one. I seldom give any weight to someone's opinion unless I respect them in 'that' particular field. If I like your body (or you are a certified trainer), I'll listen to your fitness tips. If you are a doctor, I'll listen to your health advice. If I like your style, I'll listen to your fashion mantra. If I like your food, I will read your recipes. You catch my drift? That's why I never pay any head to these random columns written by strangers, in the magazines or on the internet about '10 style mantras to look chic' '10 ways to rekindle passion' '10 things you are doing wrong in your relationship' ...etc. etc. etc. I mean first prove to me that you have got it all under control in your life and then you shall have my 100% attention. 

Similarly I never value the opinion of people behind the blogs which 'critic celebrity fashion' or 'street fashion'. First show me how you dress every day, and then I will listen to what you have to say. It is so easy to sit behind the shield of your laptop and type "oh! She was wearing this wrong and that wrong!

On the contrary, when I do know the people behind the voice and know where they are coming from then I absolutely love listening to/reading their thoughts and opinions about various subjects. I might even take their advice ;) .. And this is also a follow up of sorts from my post 'Unfavorable Feedback'. I might remember the unfavorable feedback but doesn't mean that I let it get to me. I just have a good memory but pretty much believe in doing my own thing. And so should you! If you feel good and are not doing anything to hurt someone intentionally, then you are doing everything you can! 

These pictures were taken at the River Walk, at night. 
Dress - BCBG [09']
Shrug - Bar III [11']
Shoes - Dolce Vita [10']
Necklace - From Ladakh [09']
Belt - Ralph Lauren [09']

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