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It all started with ... Chutney

After several years, she had finally settled in to her life as a home maker. Today she was cleaning the jar after blending a fresh batch of Coriander (Cilantro) Chutney for the coming week. It had been her all time favorite since childhood. There was a time when she refused to eat any meal unless it was accompanied with this chutney. As the water was running down the tap, her thoughts took her down the memory lane when she was a young girl and lived with her parents and grandparents. She remembered that how even at the age of six she behaved like an adult. She still didn't know why her family continued to play along and let her be in a the character of an 'adult' for all that time? 

One Sunday afternoon, many moons ago, she had entered the kitchen and saw her grandmother busy preparing the meal for the whole family. She eagerly offered to help, as she, too, was an adult after all, and as any kind grandmother would, she happily found something to occupy her granddaughter with. She could barely reach the kitchen counter, but to her grandmother's relief the blender was set on a lower counter where she had already prepared a jar with all the ingredients required for the 'Coriander/Cilantro Chutney'. Since her grandmother had a lot of other dishes to prepare she put her in charge of the chutney. All she had to do what to push the white button down with the highest speed and wait till all the ingredients were blended to form a puree. She was more than happy to help and readily agreed 'to push' that white button down. 

Later on the dinner table her grandmother declared to everyone with a lot of pride that the chutney was after all made her granddaughter's kid-y hands. And those who joined the table after that announcement were informed by herself in her kid-y voice "You know, who made the chutney, today?" Everyone praised her and said that it was the best chutney they have ever had, which of course made her gloat for several days after wards and she continued to remind her family of what a marvel she was in the kitchen. 

She, now realizes, that she had not done much except 'over see' the blender do its job, but a little encouragement from her grandmother had made her feel like a star. 

Today, while cleaning a similar jar, and looking back it seemed like a wonderful memory ... more of her grandmother's kindness than that of her being a 'false' chutney-making-marvel!  

For the first time I am not going to share my precious recipe with ya'll! 
But if you are truly interested in making this, then you can find one here.
It is not mine though! Mine is special ;)

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