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Inspiration - Eva Mendes

I dislike to be in a situation where I cannot say what's on my mind and yet I have to wear a smile on my face. That's the worst scenario for me, personally. For example, when someone asks my opinion about about something they have already bought (and clearly like it a lot themselves). Now why would you torture me like that? Clearly I cannot say I don't like 'coz I do not want to hurt your feelings or get into an unnecessary discussion. And I cannot say I do like it ... well, 'coz I dont! So here I am, hanging my head down and desperately trying to change the topic or hoping for someone to enter the room, so that I am not forced to answer that question. But that seldom happens. I end up taking one of those routes and hate myself for opening my mouth at all! 

Anyhooo, this is one of my favorite Maxis. I got it from London last year. And have worn it a number of times. This time I paired it with a belt from one of my other dresses. This idea was inspired from Eva Mendes. 

Frolicking around in Alexandria, Virginia 
Maxi - French Connection [10'] (Not FCUK)
Slippers - ALDO [07']
Pendant - An Etsy Store [11']

Inspiration - Eva Mendes [Sometime in December 2010]

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