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The Husband Series (III) - Favorite TV Shows

So my dear husband hasn't made an appearance since December 2010. You have no idea how many times I asked him to fill in for me on the days that I lacked inspiration or was plain lazy! Nonetheless, the nagging finally paid off, when the topic of favorite television shows came up. So below is the list of our favorite tv shows. Yes! I do enjoy the 'girly' shows as well but as a couple this is what is on our television! 

Favorite TV Shows... 

7. The Boardwalk Empire – The show which will begin its second season on HBO is set in the Atlantic City, New Jersey during the Prohibition Era. Steve Buscemi  as the corrupt and powerful city politician, Nucky Thompson,  is the best thing that has happened to Cable Television since James Gandolfini in Sopranos. The show beautifully captures the rise of crime syndicate during the early 19th century and causes a Stockholm syndrome, where subconsciously you start rooting for the corrupt and the wrongdoers.  Must watch for budding gangsters, if I may say so.

6. Dexter – So much has been written about this Showtime hit series since its debut in Fall 2006 that I really don’t have much to add. The plot - A serial killer who kills other serial killers while working as a blood specialist with the police department. This is a show, which is both original and unique in concept. Michael C Hall, as Dexter, treads over a thin line of right and wrong while juggling his family, work, and ‘personal need’. 

5. Suits – A brand new series on USA Network with the tagline – ‘Two lawyers and one degree’.  This one is a dramedy that follows two lawyers in a top law firm. However, only one of them is actually a lawyer. Gabriel Macht as a ruthless-brilliant lawyer and Patrick J. Adams as his genius protégé with a photogenic memory are aptly casted. A tight and interesting screenplay is an added bonus.

4. White Collar – Another gem of a show from USANetwork. You will like this one if you liked Thomas Crown Affair. Matt Bomer as a supposedly reformed art thief, Neal Caffrey, helps FBI catch other bad guys. However, the shows main USP is the smooth as butter charm of Mr. Caffrey (err..smooth criminal) that will make any guy envious and any girl drool. If you don’t believe it just ask my wife.

3. The Good Wife – This is a really-really good show and the only one that does not belong to the cable-land. Julianna Luisa Margulies, as the main protagonist, is a lawyer and wife of a tainted District Attorney. Each episode has one story in form of a legal case but the series also has an ongoing plot. This show is an example of continued brilliant writing.

[Top two favorite shows]….

2. Breaking Bad – A high school teacher who is also a chemistry genius is diagnosed with lung Cancer. So in order to leave money for his family, he takes up another full time job – to make crystal meth. Yes you read it correctly – CRYSTAL METH. Upside is that his crystals are the purest ever. The downside is that his plan to make enough money and then quit…well never works out. Bryan Cranston as the crystal maker and Aaron Paul as his partner are edgy, dark, and manipulative with common hate for each other. The show on the other hand is TOP NOTCH.

1. Sons of Anarchy – One word to describe this show would be – BADASS. The Sons are the outlaws. A bikers gang who control the entire town of Charming, California where they live. The show has a raw appeal that glorifies Wild Wild West to a new level. It is a show on steroids that will make you crave a Harley and much much more. Watch this one to bring out the ‘Worst’ in you.
While strolling around Georgetown, in D.C.
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Do share your favorite t.v. show.
 We are always looking for more ways to 'waste' our time ;) Kidding!

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