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Growing Sense of Responsibility

I can see why it might seem like I live in an all-rosy-lala-land with a fabulous life, loving husband and a blog where all wonderful things happen. While I do love my life and have said this more than once that I believe in making most of whatever is thrown my way ... however, I my positivity is turning out to be a double edged sword. I feel the need to tell my readers who happens to be a lot of young girls (15-25 years) that it is never as it seems

We have already established more than once that bloggers are free to blog about whatever their heart desires. However, I cannot help but feel a growing sense of responsibility towards what I decide to share here. There are people, who are in a highly impressionable age reading my blog and forming opinions, not just about me (which I do not care about as much) but about their own life and career. I am not delusional to believe that "I" alone would have such an impact but from the feedback/messages/emails I receive I would say I definitely play a vital role here. This post is for all my YOUNG readers who regularly read my blog.

If you guys are ever going to trust me on something ... then trust me on this

- life is not perfect for ANYONE
- it might seem that everyone has it better than you, but they really don't
- don't believe everything people write on their blogs. People lie. 
- just because everyone in the world is buying something doesn't mean you have to as well
- savings are MORE important than shopping at SALES
- there is no such thing as a Free Lunch!
- believe in excellence and not short cuts
- be street smart but not vicious and mean
- always be kind and polite but never a push over. Stand up for yourself!
- AND everything turns out for the best in the end! Really does! Have Faith!

An Evening at National Harbor, Maryland
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