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Five-Fabulous-Fashionistas 2011

Exactly one year ago on, on exact same date, I did a post about my favorite Five Fabulous Fashionistas. So I thought, hey! why not we repeat the custom with the bloggers who continue to blow my mind, for clearly there are innumerable of them out there. P.S. Two of the bloggers from last year's post have stopped blogging. I miss them!  So let's welcome the fashionista's from 2011! 

Single-handedly bringing 70's Glamour back
Mina from
I love her sense of style. It is classic, yet so much her own. For starters she has got gorgeous skin which radiates and is the best accessory. She is not scared to mix patterns or wear dazzling hats, or dress ├╝ber glamourous. In my opinion her style represents class and poise. 

Beauty with Brains Smoking Hot 
Rachel from
I cannot talk about Rachel without using the works 'hot' and 'sexy'. I've been following her blog for over one year now and I have a confession - I have a major crush on her since day one. Talking of her sense of style - It is timeless, understated, working one accessory at a time and impactful. I bet she turns a millions heads as she gets out of her home. 

 One Word Two Words - Fearless Fashionista
Zarna from
Zarna's style is outright fearless. It knows no bounds. She has an enviable collection of shoes and vintage dresses. And as if being a fashionista wasn't enough, she is also an artist. I love her style because it is experimental, bold and yet chic. Confidence is a huge part of someone's style and personality and Zarna displays that like no one else. 

Making statement with Basics
Verena Annabella from
I discovered her blog earlier this year and truly she can do no wrong. She has a contemporary way of dressing the basics and primary colors in a million different ways. What I like about her style is that her outfit always look polished and chic, even when she is doing casual. She too has a great collection of footwear and blazer.  

Simple & Chic
Linda from
I have been following Linda's blog since last fall, and never knew that she lived in San Antonio as well. Linda has a great style which exudes a sense of laid-back and easy dressing. She is very creative with her outfits and has a knack of finding great bargains and labels from vintage stores. Simplicity at its best!  

I hope you all enjoy their style and blogs as much as I do! 

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