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Don't Google Me!

 Top - Banana Republic [11']
Jeans - BDG via UO [11']
Necklace - Gift from Mom [10']
Bracelet - c/o Charming Charlie '11']
Clutch - Vintage [Mom's from 90's]
Shoes - Rare [11']
Dear Stalkers, 

You know the ones who follow me diligently, but are invisible to naked eye? The ones who never comment or email ... Yes! I am talking you! :) Let me first, Thank you for your readership. I find it flattering that so many people google my name and blog address daily and land up here. The first time I found out about this I thought it was surreal. Anyhoo, I have done little something for you and made it easier for you to stalk me now. 

<--- On the left hand, you can now find the "Subscribe via email" option which will get my blog-posts delivered right to your door steps inbox, soon after they go live. 

Hope you will find it useful. But I guess, I will never know unless you all decide to come out of hiding! 
- Tanvi

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