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The Upside

You know, I have learnt that there is an upside to everything, provided you are ready to look for it (and not be stubborn!). I have always been the one to count my blessings ... but sometimes I can even make the most out of the curses ;)

Upside to having zero bank balance:
You finally stop making lists of things you want and start enjoying the ones you already have. Also, it gets your creative juices flowing...

Upside of being disliked by a lot of people:
You don't have to try and impress that many of them. These are exactly the people in front of whom you can be your true-self! [Yeh! Give it to them ;)]

Upside of not having any friends close by:
You are never a part of any gossip or scandal [I really do not like drama!]

Upside of being an egoist:
You never talk ill about anyone! [You are so busy talking about yourself]

Upside of ALL of the above

I look like crap in the pictures below, 
'coz these were taken at 8pm and I was dead tired! 

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