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Nothing to say...

It is still July, isn't it? But only for two.more.days. Phew! 

... moving on ... 

I don't have much to say today ... this happens to me often. And then I torture myself to come up with something really *bright* and *profound* to say. Of course I do not find it ... and then I ask myself why am I doing that? ... 

... Oh I know why! 'coz I have an outfit to post ... but no thoughts to share and I do not want my NEW readers to mistake me for 'yet-another-fashion-blogger' ... but you know what ... today I AM ... yet-another-fashion-blogger. So sue me! :P

Over to the outfit now ... 

Departing from all the colors and boho-hippie crochet dresses, this is the simplest outfit I have worn in a long time. After almost FOUR year of long search for a white dress, which wasn't $100 and up, I finally gave up and decided to get one stitched. You gotta love India, for such simple-luxuries (oxymoron at its best!).

And clearly even when I have nothing to say, I say a lot! 
Dress - Made to order from India [11']
Shoes - From Nordstrom Rack [10']
Necklace - From Pondicherry [Gift from Richa, 11']
Bracelet - Charming Charlie [11']
Earrings - Oasis [10']
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