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July 2011 in Review

Gear up, people! Unlike my previous post, I have A LOT to say today... [Also, I apologize in advance for a lot of 'here's i.e. embedded links, but this IS a review/recap post, so that kindda comes with the territory, no?! :)]

So now we have completed TWO FREAKING MONTHS without SUGAR & SHOPPING! With an exception of a certain yellow pants! And that is bloody awesome in my books. 

First of all, I am happy that you all like the new banner, which by the way, already seems old to me in one month. I know ... I know ... Aarti did the sketch, but hey! typing takes a little effort too ;)

Oh! and by the way I cannot believe how many of us are (were!) 
mature for our age! No wonder the wisdom flows in abundance between all the blogs I follow and clearly birds of same feather flock together! 

I am glad I could provide some amusement with my positivity here. Oh! I have one more to add to the list:

Upside of people plagiarizing/copying youYou are always driven to stay ahead in your game and 'they' shall forever remain your followers (even if they do not acknowledge it!)

Since I am not shopping I looked for inspiration to dress on practically daily basis, like here, here, here, and here.

You got to know a little more about me and my friends here, about the my current song obsession here, and about how I avoid drama in my life here. Oh! And I also did my SECOND vlog *very nervously* this month. Thank you for all the positive feedback. I am just not too comfortable in front of the camera talking, but we shall get over that soon too! Now won't we? ;)

In between I did disable comments several times (here, here, herehere
and here), 'coz sometimes it is just nice to blog without the anticipation of the reaction and comments. Specially on the days when I am busy I like it, like that. But I realized that when people have some to say they always find a way (email/facebook/twitter).

Last but not the least, THANK YOU, again for your kind words and best wishes
. It meant a lot to me and I really appreciate it. 

This was a really jam-packed month on this blog. Right? Wayyy too many things happening! 

Click on the image to enlarge it. 

If you have had enough of my talking for the day then just let me know which outfit you liked the most and I will get out of your hair! Happy Sunday! 


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