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Jalebi Bai à la Tanvi

Thank you for your kind words on yesterday's post. I do know that it is a part of life and we have to move on ... I really appreciate your concern and best wishes. We are back to our usual dance-n-show (pun intended!) on the blog here. The show must go on, right?

So this is the new 'item number' I have been obsessed with for months. What does it mean? Don't even ask! It means nothing. That's the beauty of our item numbers. They do not really have to mean anything. They just have to be catchy with some ethnic beats and killer moves. I have previously explained our country's obsession with item numbers here.

So what does the outfit has to do with the song? Again, nothing. That's the beauty of having your own blog, you can connect two unrelated things, just 'coz you want to! You see?

Though in the survey back in May, a couple of people asked for my take on Indo-Western outfits. This is would be one of the many I have already posted on the blog. Just for the new readers, here is the list of my previous posts inspired via Hindi Songs! 

1. Munni Badnaam Hui - Dabangg
2. Zor Ka Jhatka - Action Replay
3. Sheila Ki Jawani - Tees Maar Khan

Tunic worn as top - Added to Shop My Closet
Tunic - GFO, Delhi [06']; Skirt - Fab India [06']; Shoes - BCBG [07']
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