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Inspiration - Urban Outfitters

A Popular Question: How do I manage to get comments?

This is the most common question or remark I have been getting for sometime now. On most instances I reply, "I don't know!" but now I think thats just dumb! I mean how the hell do I not know? It is my blog so I ought to know. Right? So after much thinking ... this is what I think ...

To begin with let me just say there are TONNES of bloggers who are way popular (practically celebrities now) and get bucket-load of comments which count 200++ ... So in comparison to that this is really nothing, in case you are really into the number game! Also, I would continue to blog even if there were zero comments on my posts, 'coz honestly this is the ONLY activity in the world, that I do purely for myself. It is an added bonus that I have support from so many of you!

My first post had 13 comments, all of which were from my own family and friends [14th is from Leia from last year] and there after it varied from anything between 1-10 comments. So this has been over a period of time, and not an over night miracle!

Most of the people who comment today are actually my blogging buddies. They have been reading my rants for over two years now and actually know all about me and my life. They comment 'coz that's what friends do! Some of the readers comment 'coz I believe they have an opinion about what I write and wish to share it. And then there are few passer-bys who comment 'coz they randomly land up on my blog and/or wish for me to visit their blog back. 

Up until earlier this year I had a vast online presence, which has slowed down in last couple of months, as I really cannot keep up! God knows why, 'coz I was actually much busier than I am right now *hmmmm* So, I truly am not feeding traffic to my blog by visiting more myself.

It is hard to dissect others' reasons for their actions. So by that logic this question should actually be asked by the people who comment but ... in my opinion, right or wrong, this is what I am doing:
- My blog represents who I am as a person
- I try and maintain transparency in my writing
- I have an open communication with everyone   
- I have simple and easy to read blog template
- I have a fabulous husband who take lovely pictures

Feel free to disagree with me! :) 

Met my husband for a Lunch Date on a weekday, at Quarry Market! Sweet, right? ;)
Shoes making a second appearance in the same month? That's a first on this blog! 
Inspiration via the Urban Outfitters Website
Top - Banana Republic [11']
Skirt - Via a Gift Card from Lulu's [11']
Necklace - Gift from Anita [11']
Shoes - BCBG [07']

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