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Inspiration - INTERMIX II

Since I haven't shopped for over 2 months, I have decided to use as many inspirational pictures, as possible, which I have been saving over the years. You would be surprised, as to how many of these looks can be created without a 

I have worn this Maxi Dress for at least 10 times since it purchase in 2008. However, as you might recall it from here that I have worn this maxi in every possible way - a tube dress, with a waist-coat, with a crop-top, with a jacket ... but this time, I wanted to recreate this look I had save couple of weeks back from the INTERMIX adverts. The only issue was that I do not own a flowy maxi-skirt. But since I am stubborn, and you know that from here, I found a way. Voila, I am wearing my Maxi as a high-waist skirt here.
What do you think? How'd I do?

These pictures were taken at the Pearl Brewery at the River Walk

Neatly folded the 'tube-part' down till the waist 
and wore it with a tee on top, to give it a flowy-maxi-skirt-look.

Submitting this look for: Blogger's Do It better - Maxi Skirt

Wearing a tube-maxi as a high-waist maxi skirt - Via TJ Maxx [08']
Necklace - Pondicherry [Gift from Richa 11']
Shoes - Streets of Delhi [Mom's 10']
Belt - GAP [Husband's 10']
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