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June seemed like a really short month to me. It got over in a blink of an eye. In fact I didn't even realize that it was over until I had to literally type J.U.L.Y. And now, on the contrary, I feel July has been a really long month. I cannot wait for August to come. Every morning I wake up and feel, 'Is it still July?

No particular reason for my eagerness though. It is not like I am looking forward to something particular in August. Mentally I am just done with July and the calendar simply hasn't caught up. 

Over to the outfit ... I had bought the black lace dress earlier this year in the anticipation that we might go to a beautiful-beachy-location for a holiday or weekend and I would wear this and run around in the sand and water. However, the chances of that happening this summer are absolutely null, so I decided to wear it already. Why wait, right? 

Striped Dress - Banana Republic [09']
Crochet Dress - Free People partly paid via Gift Card from SF [11']
Shoes - Moschino [Gift from Namrata 11']
Hat - Nine West [08]

Before I sign off, Thank You so much for the wonderful feedback on my previous post. I do not feel comfortable in front of the 'moving' camera. Mute and posing is more my thing! Nonetheless I am glad that it was so well received. 

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