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The Classic

Some times you do not even have to try and all the chips fall in their place, while other times you have to be a vigilante! Thankfully, Saturday was the prior one. 

Early Morning Work-OutCheck mark symbol
No Hassle Outfit Check mark symbol
B.I.G. Brunch at an Indian RestaurantCheck mark symbol
Feel Good Hindi Movie Check mark symbol

P.S. We saw Zindigi Na Milegi Dobara. Watch it ... it will make you NEED Spain ... and WANT Hrithik ... more than ever! *Sigh!*

P.P.S. I am wearing my husband's shirt. He had put it in the 'donation' pile. Hunnyyy, consider it donated! Mwah!

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Shirt - Husband's 
Jeans - GAP [09']
Necklace - Charming Charlie for TxSCC 
Shoes - Added to Shop My Closet

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