Back in Texas

1:01 AM

This is my first outfit photo shoot in Texas since the Maxi! And that's like a whole month. So much has happened since then. 

1. For starters I have not shopped since a month. Yes! That's right people - No shopping. None. Nada. Zilch. (Just in case it wasn't clear in one language :P). It hasn't been that hard, just means I need to delete all the SALE alerts and mails I receive without even opening them. No walks in Mall any more and reducing the use of plastic for ONLY filling fuel in the car and groceries over $20.00! So far our plan is working. 

Why am I doing it? Well, I 'coz I feel I need to bloody-purge my closet first before I add anything new. Plus, I could always use a little savings towards my travel! 

2. Secondly, I have also completed ONE whole month of surviving without Sugar! By 'No Sugar' I mean anything and everything which is not NATURALLY sweet (likes fruits and vegetables) is off-limits ... i.e. no cakes, no pastries, no cookies, no Starbucks, no bottled juices, no desserts. So basically today's generation's concentration camp (term used lightly!)!

Why am I doing it? For the thrill of a challenge. I haven't really pushed myself to do something crazy for sometime now. Whenever I go to India I always fear the amount of food that will be forced down my throat by everyone. And on top of that I like to eat all the sweets that I genuinely like. So this time I went with a plan. I pledged to swear-off all forms of processed sugar for the whole of 6 MONTHS (i.e. till 30th Nov. 2011) and only eat home made food during my stay back home. Needless to say I didn't gain any weight and came back same size!

I can understand why to others my means would seem a bit too drastic and fanatic, but it is exciting for me. And don't even bother telling me 'you have one life' ... and how one should 'live to eat' ... and 'enjoy life to its fullest'! You don't hear me telling you how your poor eating habits, and no exercise is going to take a toll on your old age and so called 'one life', do you? ;) 

I am enjoying my life, but enjoying it by MY RULES! :) 
The Pretty Pendant c/o Nanostyle with the Pisces sign (which is not visible in the pictures)
Jumpsuit worn as loose pants!
Top has been added to Shop My Closet
Random shot, but I like it! 
Don't know what's up with the serious look! *hmm* ;)
 Spooky, right?

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