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You would(n't) like it!

7) Question - What is your opinion on having kids or not having them for that matter? I know its everyone's individual choice etc. but I am not looking for a diplomatic answer. I would like to know your opinion personally! [and I am pretty sure you are going to give it to me ;)]

Oh! Such a touchy topic for married women my age (who do not have children). We can sense this question coming our way from million miles away. The Mama Drama never seems to get over! Till the end of eternity, a woman's life and happiness will always be measured against her status of being a mother! 'Coz apparently even being a good human being is not enough. 

One of the fellow bloggers, Caribbean Princess gave a really funny narration of how it all goes down in reality. Though we are from different cultures, I could completely relate to her. And then to top it, she came up with some snappy answers which I wish I could use (but I can't!), to those 'annoying' questions. Personally, I seldom have an option but to smile and ignore ... and silently chant '...this too shall pass!'-'...this too shall pass!'-'...this too shall pass!'

But you (the person who asked this question) are right! I am going to give it to you. And give it to you straight. Here is my answer to your question! I do not think I could have said it any better. She pretty much covers it all. 

And now over to the brighter things ...
Dressed for a clubbing night with Sakshi! :)

 Top - Michael Kors [11']
Jeans - Miss sixty [09']
Pendant - Etsy [11']
Shoes - ALDO [11']
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff [11']

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