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Right to think

If you are an Indian and/or you follow world news you probably have an idea of the political drama that is going on in India. People from different walks of society - politics, media, common man, together are trying to find ways to abolish corruption from our political system. Baba Ramdev has some how self-appointed himself and made himself the crux of this drive. To know more please use google and read the news [:)]

I shared this short synopsis with you all, so that you know how I started thinking about all these religious/spiritual yogis and babas! I am not particularly religious. I do not follow any staunch rituals or have any strong beliefs. I think there is a God or some form of supreme power, which one can say is probably my way of reasoning the events and things which I do not understand. 

I have no right to challenge any one else's beliefs but I do wonder why would anyone put their faith and trust in some 'Baba' or 'Yogi' more than themselves? They do not preach anything that we do not already know or weren't taught by our teachers/parents from the age of 3 - Do not lie, do not cheat, do not take more than what you need, help others, respect your elders, eat natural and healthy, sleep early, wake up early too ... ? None of this sounds like rocket science to me, so why would you need someone else to tell you this? Each one of us has a conscious and a brain. God has well-equipped us to deal with life's struggles and misfortunes. But if we choose to ignore the voice in our head and heart but instead to listen someone else preach ... then who can help us?

There is no harm in listening to people who are spreading positive message and have something worthwhile to share but what boggles my mind is when people put these people (Baba/Yogi/Devi) on a pedestal above themselves or anyone else and become their blind followers. And this kind of blind faith is not restricted to India or Indians, apparently there are people all over the world, who are willing to let someone else "think" on their behalf!

The situation is much more grim than what I have narrated here. Millions of dollars are raised in the name of donation, people leave their households to follow the path laid by these Baba(s) and Devi(s), and become almost blind followers of anything they say. In other words they have willingly given their brains to 'such' people and allowed them to make decisions on their behalf. If you ask me, nothing is more dangerous for the society, than a human being who has willingly giving away his/her right to 'think'!

You guys are probably going to hate me for it 
but this is a Photo Heavy Post!

Dress worn-as-a-top - ASOS [10']
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Hair Pin worn-as-a-brooch - ULTA [11']
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