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Right to think

1:01 AM

If you are an Indian and/or you follow world news you probably have an idea of the political drama that is going on in India. People from different walks of society - politics, media, common man, together are trying to find ways to abolish corruption from our political system. Baba Ramdev has some how self-appointed himself and made himself the crux of this drive. To know more please use google and read the news [:)]

I shared this short synopsis with you all, so that you know how I started thinking about all these religious/spiritual yogis and babas! I am not particularly religious. I do not follow any staunch rituals or have any strong beliefs. I think there is a God or some form of supreme power, which one can say is probably my way of reasoning the events and things which I do not understand. 

I have no right to challenge any one else's beliefs but I do wonder why would anyone put their faith and trust in some 'Baba' or 'Yogi' more than themselves? They do not preach anything that we do not already know or weren't taught by our teachers/parents from the age of 3 - Do not lie, do not cheat, do not take more than what you need, help others, respect your elders, eat natural and healthy, sleep early, wake up early too ... ? None of this sounds like rocket science to me, so why would you need someone else to tell you this? Each one of us has a conscious and a brain. God has well-equipped us to deal with life's struggles and misfortunes. But if we choose to ignore the voice in our head and heart but instead to listen someone else preach ... then who can help us?

There is no harm in listening to people who are spreading positive message and have something worthwhile to share but what boggles my mind is when people put these people (Baba/Yogi/Devi) on a pedestal above themselves or anyone else and become their blind followers. And this kind of blind faith is not restricted to India or Indians, apparently there are people all over the world, who are willing to let someone else "think" on their behalf!

The situation is much more grim than what I have narrated here. Millions of dollars are raised in the name of donation, people leave their households to follow the path laid by these Baba(s) and Devi(s), and become almost blind followers of anything they say. In other words they have willingly given their brains to 'such' people and allowed them to make decisions on their behalf. If you ask me, nothing is more dangerous for the society, than a human being who has willingly giving away his/her right to 'think'!

You guys are probably going to hate me for it 
but this is a Photo Heavy Post!

Dress worn-as-a-top - ASOS [10']
Skirt - Zara [11']
Shoes - ALDO [11']
Hair Pin worn-as-a-brooch - ULTA [11']
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff [11']

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  1. Hey Tanvi! I soooo agree with you!! I am sick and tired of people's blind faith in these babas! This is exactly the topic of discussion that I keep having pratically every day these days on the dinner table! Sick and tired! I would rather watch Discovery channel than the news!

    The 3rd pic i totally heart! Love the attitude like that of a Spanish dancer :)

    Hope you are having a great beginning to the week :)


  2. love ur pretty lace dress, and love the color of ur skirt, so blue :)

  3. You won't believe it, I was having the exact same conversation with my mum this evening. To raise someone as a medium between oneself and God is a difficult idea for me to wrap my mind around. As regular
    people we follow the principles of good living and all these "dhongi" babas project simple living and live pompous lives behind the curtain. How can one trust someone that much?

    On a lighter note, love your skirt!

  4. The lace dress....the perfect blue pleated skirt in the PERFECT length....the cute brooch......the "dreams are made of such stuff" bag.....& the killer gladiators - do you need anything else to make an outfit look more gorgeous??? Sigh!

    On a more serious note, I'm moderately religious & spiritual.....I go to temples & pray to God.......but then, am more or less an Atheist in belief (as I feel there is one & only one GOD or Supreme Power, as you said). But I really really don't get the concept of these "babas" or "yogis"......I think if these blind followers would be intelligent enough to utilise the time they spend showing their support for the babas in some more productive work, am sure they would have achieved better results!! But then, I guess, it's just our opinion.......& we are not some "holy being" that the masses will listen to us! ;P

  5. Amazing combination of outfits and pics are just really awesome! Dr.A?

    I completely agree with your thing that nothing is more dangerous than letting others do your thinking...this even extends to people who put other people (especially amongst girls) on pedestals and let them do the thinking and talking. i.e. "she's such a #### or don't talk to her". Similar to Baba's advocating certain political styles over the other.

    The whole "Baba" thing is good when you listen to them for reminders, tips, positive upliftment, daily infusions of positive lifestyle techniques. In these cases you are not following what they "think on political views" but rather what they say/preach towards building a healthy or happy life. Again this is all subjective. And as long as one can draw the balance on hearing (similar to reading selfhelp books, or getting advise from a social forum) and see how it can be incorporated in their life without disrupting the natural law and order it seems OK. (or triggering movements where your followers get injured!) The problem is that somehow the whole thing becomes "hypnotic" and people just LOSE THEMSELVES! Sad...at the end of the day, even 'Baba's" abuse power and their followers are collateral damage.

  6. OMG that lace top! gah! and who hates photoheaviness!?

    Uff baba ramdev, the kind of claims he`s made are just hilarious. He said yoga can cure AIDS and homosexuality. He also propagated an 'ayurvedic' medicine that would ensure male children! his 'medicines' were tested for banned products and animal and humnan ingredients and it tested positive!

    i dont know how ANYONE can tak e man like this seriously

  7. I haven't really been following the Baba saga very much - just more from what i am hearing but I have to agree with you anyways.

    Religion is a very personal experience and choice (to believe or not and how to believe) and don't think these 'yogis' really do much more than confuse everyday people into forgetting the true meaning of what they are trying to find and achieve.

    I think spiritual advisors can work like any person out there giving advice, but it's when we pursue it 'blindly' you have already lost!

    Anyways, I can't really comment on this too much as I am not a very religious person - I'd say agnostic if *had* to label myself, but I believe each to their own.

    So onto the fashion - can I say how much I HEART the skirt. The colour is my fave shade of blue and the lace top complements it perfectly! :) Good choice!

  8. Maybe these people dont have faith in themselves. Or the strength/determination/will power - whatever you want to call it, to face LIFE and all that it has to offer, without hanging onto someone else, like these Babas and yogis.
    Like you, even i believe in God but i dont feel the need to pray or follow any ritual every single day. And am happy with that. Maybe just believing in God and being thankful is not enough for these people. They need something more. And the deeper they get into this.. they start believing them even more blindly. Thats the only theory i could come up with. Another theory is that they are plain stupid! :P
    Whatever the theory the consequenes are the same. That i agree!

    Is this natural lighting? Or did you use a soft box? Because its dreamy and perfect. For the first time am admiring the photography more than you! :P
    The first pic is a killer though! :) Love the skirt!

  9. Yes u are right in summation that its the most dangerous thing to follow someone blindly and leave all your decisions on any one person!!!

    Ramdev baba does fantastic yoga and i have benefited a lot from his yoga videos but im not in agreement with a lot of his views especially on homosexuality. and i definitely think his way of carrying this satyagrah is not really not right and childish...anna hazare is a more mature person as regards to this!!!

    and now coming to your outfit, fab as usual!!!!....love the skirt!!

  10. That lace top and pleated skirt are heavenly.
    I'm not religious in the slightest. I appreciate that some people feel the need to have some spiritual guidance in their lives but anyone who claims to cure terminal illnesses or asks for money is just evil. xxx

  11. i dont know which i liked more the crimson on your lips or around your shoulder :) gorgeous !!

    and yeh saare baba ji pata nahi yoga karke khush kyun nahi hote...politics bhi ghahiye inko..lallchi pakhandi buddhas

  12. Tanvi you look amazing! I love the skirt. I totally agree with your views. Each of has a brain and while I won't criticise people's need to be inspired by others, it is not right to follow blindly either. That should apply to everyone, religious or not.

  13. you know we were having this discussion in our house yesterday only and I said exactly what you have written here, why should someone else tell me right and wrong am i not intelligent enough to decide on my own plzzzz I so not believe in these babas
    beautiful pictures

  14. I feel exactly the same way about what you wrote in the third paragraph.

  15. Oooh, I love love love that Rebecca Minkoff bag! And i don't mind photo heavy posts, btw, especially when the photos are as stunning as these!

  16. Most people You and I know in real life are sensible enough to not pay heed to such farce, what we forget is that there are hordes and hordes of Indians who unfortunately do. Your post brings into light that exact same fact. Its just sad..what do you think went wrong?
    I love your Hair..looks beautiful and healthy!

  17. You look gorgeous darling!

    I totally agree - why exult someone who spouts what should be basic values?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  18. Lovely - the color combo and that flirty skirt! As for people following babas - well, many people do not have a strong foundation or core strength that enables them to make their own decisions - so they look for someone to follow. This is why we have so many cults:):) Let us feel blessed that we know ourselves and are grounded:)

  19. Great post!

    And I absolutely don't mind the heavy pic post, you looked so stunning! I'm in love with the skirt:)


  20. Cutest skirt ever...love the length, pleats, and color. I have my eye on a tangerine pleated skirt.... Gorgeous look!

  21. I totally, totally agree with you re: spiritual leaders. But I also think that sometimes people need direction - maybe their parents' words were not enough (because you feel they are not somehow connected to God?); maybe you lost your path somehow; maybe you are not satisfied in some area of your life; maybe you do not have a strong family connection; maybe you were not privileged enough to a good education...? If you are in that sort of situation, it makes sense that you seek out spiritual guidance. I think that if someone or something gives you happiness and you are not harming others, then these gurus and yogis and other spiritual leaders are fine. It's also okay if you donate money - as long as that money is not just lining their pockets - many spiritual leaders use this money to fund NGOs and projects that help the poor or help struggling communities. So, my thoughts on this are: spiritual leaders are not for me, but if they are not harming anyone, and if they are actually *helping* people, then so be it! :)

    I don't think anyone would mind your photo heavy post. We can't get enough of our lovely Tanvi! I am loving your hair, make-up, and pretty outfit in this post :)


  22. I so respect your combining of astute political analysis with chic fashion. Your blog is a double-treat. That skirt is phenomenal.

  23. I have to say I don't think it's right when people take it too far to this extent. I respect others' religion and the beliefs of healing, but when people start getting into curing, that's just a whole 'nothing level. :/
    This is a very interesting post. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

    p.s. I'm hosting giveaway! :)


  24. Its all over the news and I can't believe the sort of footage he's getting, its annoying and not the sort of responsible journalism you would expect from a lot of these channels!
    Anyhow! You look stunning! That skirt is a delight and the way you've put the look together, even more so :)


  25. Tanvi,

    I got an idea for you. You should call yourself 'Ma Tanvi' and start telling 3rd grade lessons...put some makeup on and wear yellow... you will be rich overnight :)))))


    I agree with you completely.

  26. You look super gorgeous in these pictures. Love the look :)

  27. I agree with everything that you have said re religion. I have the same belief system as you do it seems and I am totally bewildered when people think that religion or the belief in God (or a God) can be defined in such terms. The worst part of it is when hatred comes from religion because faith is supposed to be, as you have said, about love, kindness, helping others, etc. When people are oppressed for being who they were born to be (gay, women, etc.), it is a real shame.

    You look as gorgeous as always. Also, today is the lace challenge for Every Body Every Wear, so you should definitely submit one of these pictures! They are so pretty!

  28. Love your lace dress worn as a top and the colour of ur skirt is absolutely gorgeous :) Having said all that, I love your post! Very true and sad to see people putting people up on a pedestal and treating them like gods. And whats up with these ppl going on a fasting spree of late ..grrr..And it is sad to see that most of these followers are the well-educated ones..sigh!

  29. DAMMIT you write so well (duh!)! And you of course, my dear, are looking like a DIVA! MUAH!


  30. I don't understand why people actually believe in those babas.Baba Ramdev is fighting against corruption but just look at him. How corrupt he is himself. He has property and
    goods that have been so called "donated" to him. Crores of money which he says has no penny of black money. But is it really true? People need to understand this themselves rather than blindly follow them.

    Also, why can't these babas stick to what they do. Teaching yoga and everything. What is the need for them to go mainstream and try to be a superhero! Created havoc and confusion in the country for nothing! Involving political parties in the name of fighting for the nation.

    I think it is just non sense!

    I love your look. The skirt has the prettiest blue colour!


  31. Love the lace top...this look is very sharp!

  32. the skirt is soooooo gorgeous ;D

  33. I feel silly commenting on your outfit when you wrote such a thoughtful post, but I'm going to do it anyway. I love the crisp blue and white and that lace top/dress is gorgeous.
    Thanks for joining us at EBEW!

  34. I try to avoid talking about religion and faith, because I know it's different for everyone, so I'll keep it short: I agree: I never get people who follow with complete and blind faith. It never makes any sense to me.

    I love this outfit. The blue skirt is stunning. And I love how you paired it with the orange bag.

  35. hey...how come your opinions almost ALWAYS match exactly mine on almost EVERY issue?:-)

  36. So pretty! Love the skirt and lace combination!

  37. What would we do without our right to think?!? And that is an incredibly gorgeous skirt. It's my happy color!

  38. Gorgeous. Thanks for a thoughtful post, too.

  39. Gorgeous photos! The skirt is so beautiful!

  40. Your outfit is lovely I don't mind at all that it's picture heavy post =) And I can't get over the amazing-ness of your brilliant blue skirt!!!!

  41. You're absolutely right.It pains me a lot to see sports personnels,political leaders and other educated people(who're supposed to set examples)give in to such superstitions.And these greedy dogs're taking advantage of it.In probably a year or so,parents'll teach their kids not to become a doctor or engineer when they grow up,but 'babas' instead.There'll be coaching centres promising to turn even the dullest kid into a 'baba'.Shame on us!
    P.S.Your sling is gorgeous!Mind sharing a little more details?

  42. I absolutely love your photos!


  43. Funds running into millions and Babas with tall claims like he can cure homosexuality with yoga, been doing it for an year now, still not cured, probably I am breathing in than out!

    Nice skirt Tanvii, I went to Forever 21 the other day and saw a similar one.

  44. So love these photos and the pops of colours! You're so good at that and look gorgeous in that pleated skirt!

    Those who are more 'lost' in this world tend to need a little guidance, but usually 'gut instinct' or simply common sense should kick in when in doubt right? That inner voice is usually right.


  45. Love the bright orange bag. It seems to glow against your skirt.
    I've never understood the blind faith people have but perhaps it makes their life better in some way- else why would they continue?

  46. I've always thought that it's dangerous to put your thoughts and beliefs in the hands of others. Especially someone who appoints themselves. Sounds very scary. Thanks for telling us about it. I honestly had no idea that was going on.

    On a lighter note LOVE is not a strong enough word for these photos. And I'm so happy that it was a photo heavy post! :) xoxo

  47. that pleated skirt is BEAUTIFUL!

    and yes, its sad whats going on in india - i was talking to my parents about it just today.

  48. First, your outfit is incredibly gorgeous. I love that skirt, the color is brilliant. Plus, to match it with the understated yet lovely lace top was GENIUS. You look so beautiful, as always. :)

    Second, omg. I could not agree with this post more.

    My dad was born and raised in India (Hindu) and he has the same sentiment as you.

    Ironically, my Irish-Native American boyfriend is a former Hindu monk. He lived in a monestary outside San Diego for five years. He still follows the guru though. A major source of disagreement between us has been his "religion." He blindly follows this guru and he spends a couple weeks per summer at this guru's ashram in New Mexico. It's a little scary, like a cult. I argue this guru is just making money off culturally deprived white hippies (my bf has to pay a "fee" every year and pay for "religious" texts). But he will never believe me. It's so sad.

    So, yeah, I have a lot to say about that topic! I could go on forever. Haha.

  49. well having a leader or a no leader is a personal choice.. people must have reasons for doing so.. I don't think we should be judgmental about it. they might have felt that was the best option around for them..well good for them..

    on the fashion note.. the photo heavy post is not heavy on us.. loving the pictures..

  50. i love the contrast of the flowy skirt and fitted lace top!!!

  51. i rem this dress! and I prefer it as a dress far tooo much :) I think once people get used to 'not' thinking, they find it easier. And i agree in the short and the long run, it's most dangerous.

  52. These are such pretty pictures, you almost look like you're dancing in a bollywood movie in the third one! :)

    I agree with you - sometimes it's good to have someone higher up voicing their opinions and what they believe is the right way to live, and you can even adopt their views if you truly believe in them, but if it REPLACES everything you've ever thought, and if you always follow this person blindly, it's sad because that person would be just as capable of forming their own thoughts and opinions.
    This is definitely an important issue all over the world!
    - Laura

  53. luv the blue acordian skirt from Zara...

  54. Love how you wore the dress as a top and that skirt-spectacular! Plus, you know how blue shines on you too:-)

  55. BEAUTIFUL maxi. The color and the way it flows is perfect for a summer evening. I love the night shots! I've never done a night blog post. Maybe it's time to do one, if I can get my camera settings right!

    -Cris xoxo


  56. Love your outfit! The skirt is gorgeous!


  57. I love the combination of the lace with this beautiful skirt!plus the white-red-blue combo is awesome!

  58. Gorgeous as always! SEARCHED for a skirt like that this past weekend. Zara, DUH.

  59. this blue is so dramatic. I love it. and your shoes are the perfect addition. stunning. thanks for another inspiring post. would love if you stopped by to see my latest outfit post and celebrity trend report. xoxo


    Don't forget to follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news from an LA stylist.


  60. I love that you have shown some insight on something other than clothing and fashion (which I'm totally guilty of). This is a great post and sparks a wonderful discussion!

    Your outfit is amazing by the way! I'm loving that shade of blue on you.
    Have a great day

  61. hey ! i REALLY love your shoes there ! it's soooo gorgeous <3 the blue is good against ur skintone..

    enter my $100 shopbop giveaway here

  62. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leaving comments.
    Yours is an interesting blog.
    Baba Ramdev is a yoga teacher and is doing business in ayurvedic medicines.He is not a god man.
    I agree with you of the propensity of people to seek godmen for quick fixes to solve their problems.
    But this baba is only highlighting the malaise of blackmoney in the country as a citizen.He has huge followers to hear him.

  63. In your outfit, sandals are the best thing..I just loved them.

  64. that blue is amazing! really suits you!


  65. Oh my goodness, I love the colour mix. It looks fantastic and that skirt is totally cool! Have a great day, darling

    Ps: I’m hosting a great summer GIVEAWAY today! Don’t miss it:)

  66. just gorgeous! I love that skirt and how you mixed it with lace! I am totally stealing this idea.




  67. You are gorgeous! And that skirt...I want it! This is a great outfit.

    I'm following!


  68. I absolutely adore photo heavy post, my dear Tanvi. You look so fabulous in that flaty skirt and lacey top, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.





  70. lovely skirt :)


  71. wow, I love your skirt!!! I wouldn't match it with that lace top (just because I am not really fan of transparent garments)
    but the whole outfit is superbe!


  72. Sexy Pics!! Looks like your bull is waiting on you and you have no fear of anything or anyone! Great post by the way. Always great to hear your thoughts on life.:)

  73. i can't get over that lace top! gorgeous on you.

  74. Very thoughtful post and beautiful pictures. I especially liked your pleated skirt. xo style, she wrote

  75. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment.
    I liked your blog very much. You look gorgeous and very very beautiful. Lovely skirt and top.

  76. That's why I don't like to watch news at all!!! Anyway my dear Tanvi u think there is even a small chance to "hate u for putting few more pics than u usually do"???!!! I loveeeeeeeee them, as a matter of the fact u should do it often!!! U look magnificent- this skirt is divine!!!:)

  77. OMG I love this outfit! Maxi skirt. Lace top! Can it get any better???



  78. ok! I LOVE this outfit! The lace and the pleated skirt and the pop of red- PERFECTION! :)

  79. The skirt u r wearing reminded me of the times when most of us got one like tht from our relatives who visited us from the phoren country.
    Recently had seen it in the mall & was thinking "The 80's look is back":-).

  80. You DO rock the pleats, Tanvi! Very much with you on this subject... I used to teach yoga and was often quite irritated how many of my fellow students seemed to throw themselves into the arms of some Baba, Sri or Guru. For Westerners it really seems to be about father figures and a lack of inner authority and trust.

  81. Absolutely love love the look.! The colors! just wonderful!

  82. Great skirt!

    come see my blog!


  83. OMG.. girl!!! you are killing us with these amazing pictures
    lee x

  84. hello!
    lovely blog you have here:)
    well i agree with you,i believe that the grey cells which we are born with bestows us with enough power to bring some change in our own way and until we as an individual take some step to eradicate corruption no baba led movement is going to help our country.

    p.s- i love your skirt,so beautiful and vibrant! i really want one after seeing this!

    take care,i will visit again:)

  85. I wanted someone to write about this! I couldn't agree more! It makes me wonder when people even consider counselors, whatever happened to your wit & inner voice! Sigh, people I tell you.

    Your outfit makes you look like a million dollars - so beautiful ! The lace is so perfect & the ultramarine blue is yummy! You look so pretty T! :) Pat on the back to the photographer too ! :D


  86. ohhh i want your skirt! so beautiful :)

  87. Girl, this outfit is killer! I love it.

  88. The skirt looks wonderful on you, such a great colour!


  89. Like these picture, the bag is amazing! Would you like to follow each other? x

  90. Just discovered your blog! You have an amazing sense of colour coordination and our photos are great! www.bravoerunway.com

  91. This is a great post. Thanks for speaking up about brainwashing--because that is exactly what this is and it's even worse when done in the name of religion/faith. UGH!!


  92. Interesting post. You look beautiful and that skirt is amazing!

  93. Love Love Love this Outfit!!!Can't take my eyes off you...love the colours and the background...Lovely Pictures as Always!!!

  94. Love that pleated skirt and great color! I've been into vintage pleated skirts recently. think I might be getting too many :) I enjoyed this challenge also.



  95. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that skirt! The bag is also amazing. You look beautiful in these photos :-)

  96. I am just as puzzled as you are when I hear of these peoples blindly putting their trust in some human who claims to be supernatural or even God himself. I am a firm believer in God and follower of Jesus Christ, and in no way believe man is able to elevate himself to the position of God's authority. I think God can USE people to help us, such as our parents like you said as well as others, but I do not believe people can claim to be God or another power to "help" us. People are searching for an authority, a figure, someone who acts like they know 'it all', something tangible that they are able to see. We are human and we aren't perfect- our natural tendency is to follow something that seems "good". That is why people follow these seeming leaders who really are nothing more than a person themself.

    Anyway, I will end my little discussion :)

    Your skirt is of course from Zara, and of course I'm obsessed. I love the bright cobalt- your take on this trend is fabulous, doll!


  97. I participated in the BDIB challenge too, I saw your link...So pretty!


  98. I am seriously in love with your skirt.

  99. I found your blog on BDIB and I love it! I love the bright blue color on you!

    Make sure to stop by my blog for the big giveaway!



  100. Sorry to hear about what's going on. I definitely agree that it's very scary when people blindly follow a "leader" rather than make decisions for themselves.

    On to the fashion, beautiful pictures! And pleated skirts are so hot right now and yours is gorgeous :)

  101. I agree with your views to use own Brain and dont go blind with anyone.Have faith in self and work hard for success / dream or Good result.
    Very feminine look in the pics.Some of them are mind blowing:)

  102. i love your skirt

  103. [I thought I had commented on this :( ... blogger was playing up badly for a while.]

    gasssspppppp!!!!!!!!!! You look divine! I love this look and I love these images!! The lighting in the alley shots are sublime!

    I am not religious but I have a spiritual belief based on a universal higher power and earthly doings. I don't hold God responsible for anything but I like having her arounde. Alas too many people light incense and read Deepak Chopra and do a yoga class call themselves spiritual. And far too many people are susceptible to the dependance of religion and religious leaders (ha!). Religion is a form of subjugation.

  104. Love everything about this outfit! Amazing!


  105. I saw your outfit on EBEW = Lace. I LOVED IT! That electric blue is gorgeous. I love the demure lace top with it! I have to copy you on Thursday - I already picked out my outfit for tomorrow. :)

    About blindly following a person and not thinking for oneself - I completely agree! I am a Christian and have had what I consider good teaching. It is up to me to make up my mind about so many things - just doing what someone has told me to do, or putting a person on a pedestal is WRONG. We many not have all of the same beliefs but the basis is the same in this area... God gave me a brain - I use it. Thanks for the post! Now I will read all of the comments - this is purely and genuinely all of my own ideas. Cheers! xoxo

  106. hmm hmm This subject is very interesting to me. I loved reading your thoughts. I will not go into detail here, but I eventually had to tell myself that it is okay to believe what I feel is right despite what was embedded as a child. I am still working on accepting it though. I LOVE this outfit. It is one of my favorites for sure.

  107. Good to read post. U expressed urself well.

    And the look and the shots are super classy i think.


  108. Great outfit. Lace and pleats is a yes. I hope you will check out my blog and follow me, too. Following You!!



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