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Much 'Wanted'

About 200 readers gave me their feedback through the survey. I was mentally prepared for some nasty and mean comments, considering it was anonymous and open to all! However, to my surprise, I did not receive even one 'unreasonable' feedback. There was constructive criticism (to which I am open) but not with a personal vendetta. 

A lot of you made a lot of requests, to which I will try and attend but I cannot promise anything. I like blogging to be a balance between what I want to write about and what my readers like to read. Sometimes Most times, my wants trump over readers' but then we have already established that I am selfish! [:P] The best outcome out of the feedback was the amount of material I have got to blog about. Now, in future, whenever I lack the inspiration to write I can always refer to what all of you have shared! I cannot answer to all your questions in one post but below are my response to what I was asked by the majority! :)

Food - I will try and post more healthy recipes but since cooking posts take a lot more time and planning than outfit posts they are always my last choice! [:P]

Fitness - When did I start working out? How much do I weigh? What do I eat? How do I stay motivated? I have answered ALL these questions and much more on my Fitness Page. I put all my time and energy and organized my fitness posts from Day 1, in an easy to browse manner. If you have read ALL of the posts and still can find something to ask me, then please do! I am always happy to help! [:)] 

Fashion - Some of you said you find my styling over-the-top and would like to see me in 'simpler' outfits. I complete respect your opinion but this is who I am. Personally, I think I dress according to my mood, and sometimes I do dress simple (like here, herehere, here, here and here) but 'how simple?', that is subjective, isn't it? But I complete understand where you are coming from and on the days when I *think* I am dressing simple, I will definitely remember my anonymous readers :) 

Most of you only had kind things to say about everything and gave a very supportive and encouraging feedback. I think I am going to continue blogging for a longggg time ;)

On an absolutely unrelated topic, I am wearing the lace up oxfords sent to me by courtesy of Wanted Shoes a few weeks back. I wore them ALL day and walked around the city and they were SUPER comfortable and Super cute too! I love them. Don't you? 

The Super Duper Comfortable Brogues c/o Wanted Shoes
My Crooked Smile

Top - Zara [11']; Jeans - Miss Sixty [09']
Shoes - Jigsaw Lace-Up Oxfords c/o Wanted Shoes 

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