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Woah! A brand new outfit, after 10 whole days! Achievement, or what?!?!  

This outfit might or might not be inspired from here. Most probably, it is! :)

Maxi - via TJ Maxx [09'];
Jacket - Urban Outfitters [09'];  
Necklace - Won via Clyde's Rebirth [11'];
Shoes - Rocket Dog via Lulu's Giftcard [11']
Dot Ring - ASOS [10']; Butterfly Ring - Charlotte Russe [10'];
Bangles - India [11']
 April [09'] - March [10'] - June [10']
April [10'] - October [10'] - December [10'] - January [11']

Ever since I started posting my Closet Remixes, I have received a number of emails/comments from the readers informing me that either they already do that with their clothes, or that I have inspired them to see their closet in a whole new light. Well, that's swell! 

So, here's a proposal for you all - If you guys have styled items from your closet in more than one way and would like to share them with me (and other readers) then you can either post those pictures on my Facebook page or email them to me and I will share them with my readers? 

Let me know whatcha think, 
in comments below or here

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