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Answering one by one the specific questions that were asked. Some of them were really amusing. I will let you decide which 'ones' ...

1) QuestionThis may sound random, but I'd like to know how much time do you give your folks back home? How often, How long do you talk? 

I talk to my Dad everyday! Well, 'coz he likes to hear my voice everyday. Even when we do not have anything to talk about on daily basis, he cannot resist but call and I think that is very cute! ** I talk to everyone else (Mom, Brother, In-laws) once a week. The duration of the call varies. There isn't a definite number that I can give you. P.S. Do not sweat much about it at this moment. It slowly becomes a part of the natural rhythm of life. 

2) SuggestionYou should have more contests (even if there is no give-aways!) Just for fun and talk about whose outfit you liked the most!

That sounds really fun! Why don't my readers weigh in on this? Would you guys like that, too?

3) SuggestionWould love to know how you met your husband? Maybe you could do a short love story of sorts. :)

My husband, though is very supportive of my blog and everything I do here, but he prefers to keep our life a little private just so that we can have some control and mystery. You can read 'his' synopsis of the love story in 140 characters here

4) QuestionWas your marriage an Arranged or Love marriage?

It was my husband's love marriage which I arranged! Kidding! ;) 

5) Question I was wondering what you do as a profession?

I am an online commodity trader. Don't know what that is? *hmmmm* Google it ;) 

...  more to follow in coming posts

Outfit worn while strolling around in Hyde Park!

Top - Banana Republic [10']
Jeans - Miss Sixty [09']
Scarf - Zara [10']
Shoes - Nine West [08']
Bag - Kate Spade [11']

Doesn't my outfit looks like it is in the shades of lime-lemon? 
Hence, the title! 
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