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Life in the Public Eye

My Favorite Question!

6) QuestionHow do you deal with the world getting a peek into your private life? How do you not let it affect you ?

I won't lie to you. It did concern me in the starting (I wrote about it here) but with time I have gotten comfortable with the idea of having a 'part' of my life in the public eye. I really have nothing to hide. I lead a clean, healthy, simple yet exciting life which I have worked hard to build and I am proud of ... so why not share it with everyone? 

Having my life so open and accessible to everyone, makes me feel quite transparent as a human being. What you see (and read) is what you get! I hope that the bloggers I have met in person will vouch for that - Tamanna, Naina, Upasna, Sushmita, Rukman, Sherin, Suzie, ... Yes? 

Also, I do not share as much about my 'life' as I do about my 'thoughts and lifestyle'. I think there is a difference. I do not disclose my daily routine, or about my family, or even my travel plans unless it is inevitable. But yes, in comparison to non-bloggers, my life is partially in the public eye and god-knows-who-might-be-reading! All I can hope and wish is that if a friend is reading then he/she appreciates my effort and if a fiend is reading then he/she is jealous of my awesome life, to say the least :P [<- That's how I do not let it affect me! ]

Dressed for dinner with my dear friend Neha. 
P.S. Follow her on twitter to get witty updates! ;)

Tee - Banana Republic [11']; Jeans - Zara [11'] 
Jacket - Gift from my Brother-in-law [Guess, 08']
Bag - Stella McCartney [11']
Pendant - Etsy [11']
Shoes - Aldo [11']

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