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Last Installment

Last installment of Questions/Suggestions!

8) Suggestion - I think you should try a nose pin than a nose ring sometimes.

I'd got my nose pierced in 2000' and up until 2006 I wore a nose pin. It has been a little over 4 years that I have been wearing a nose ring and I really love it. Plus, I am very lazy to change! [:P]

9) Suggestion - 
You should probably invest in a better camera so your pictures can come out more sharp looking rather than dull which takes the life out of your outfit (which I know you work really hard on putting together) but if the image looks pretty then the outfits, no matter how crazy looking can look intriguing! No pun intended :)

Well, I do own a DSLR but I will definitely try and post better pictures! :)

10) Question - You seem like you could be pretty ambitious/go getter type, any plans for work/career etc. now/later/ever!!! ;)

Yes. I do have a lot of plans. I hope to achieve them all, slowly and steadily, as life permits!

11) Question - Y
ou have mentioned before that you have lost quite a lot of weight couple of years back, so I would love to know that how were you saved by the "Curse of Stretch marks"?

Sorry, can't help you there! I wasn't saved. I do have them and do not know any way around them.
Yet! However, I have read that applying Palmer's cream and Vitamin e helps prevent and sometimes reduce them. Hope this helps! 

12) Question - Have you been tempted to change your blog title? Are you 100% happy with it? Was your blog earlier names

I haven't ever thought about it. The website where my blog is hosted is called but the name of the blog (The Fabulous Life of Not-So-Rich and Infamous) has been the same from Day 1, and I like the stability. If I ever feel this is not working for me, I will start another blog (but most probably won't) but not change this one. Currently, I do not see the point! 

13) Question - I know that you write a lot about fashion, but your blog is so much more? Was it your intention to write about everything right from the beginning? If not, why & how did you manage to diversify? And how do you choose what to write about? 

Initially I used to write about my daily mundane life and fitness. After one year of blogging I started posting pictures of my outfits. However, I started writing about fashion, only recently. Honestly, I have never given much thought to what I am going to post or write. I simply follow my heart. When I sit down to write a post I let my thoughts flow and type whatever comes to mind. The only 'planned' posts are the ones with recipes and reader's requests. 

14) Question -  Wonder if you can guess which blogger left which comment (on your survey). Let me know if you figure out who this is! Kidding!

Haha! I couldn't guess, unless someone had left their name! 

15) Questions - Who clicks your photographs? Have you hired a photographer for lifetime? :D

I haven't 'hired' a photographer for life but I sure am married to someone who has become a photography enthusiast. In other words my husband takes all my pictures (unless stated otherwise).

And with this we come to an end of the Question/Answer Session!  

Strolling around Soho & Carnaby Street (London, U.K.)

Tee - Converse via Target [10'] 
Jeans & Scarf - Zara [11'] & [10']
Jacket - Gift from my Brother-in-law [Guess, 08']
Shoes - Nine West [08']
Pendant - Etsy [11'] 
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff [11']

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