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Inspiration - Ann Taylor Loft

Whenever I come across an outfit that strikes out or speaks to me personally, I save those images from magazines and websites for inspirations. As I am sure many do?

A couple of times bloggers inspire me, like here and here, and other times celebrities do. However, most times it is from random places which are not even meant to be fashionable like a billboard or an advertisement for household products, etc. I thought it would be interesting to actually show you all where I got the inspiration from. 

This is from the Ann Taylor Loft's SS11 Collection Print Ad.
 I do not own a nude blouse or a big-floral-print skirt, however I did find a nude-pleated skirt and a big-floral-print blouse in my closet. I decided to reverse it! I think it still works! What do you think? 

Top - Zara [11']; Skirt - Lulu's Via Giftcard [11']; Shoes - Atelier [Delhi, 06']

Pictures courtesy TJ Photography 
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