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From the Archives - Burka Clad

Earlier this year when I visited my friend Anita in Dubai, we also went to Abu Dhabi which is the capital of the country, United Arab Emirates. Dubai is one of the most lenient states, while Abu Dhabi is relatively a little more conservative. 

We visited the world mosque which allowed non-Muslims to enter but required the females to be in 'burka' and the males to be in trousers and shirt, or they had to wear the national outfit, which is known as the 'kandura'. Burqa and Kandura, both were available at the mosque to borrow, for no cost. They were clean and fresh as they were put to wash by the management after every wear. 

I felt absolutely comfortable in a burka. In fact it almost came naturally to me. I felt ├╝ber feminine, lady-like and wonderful walking around in it. Really! *Cross-my-heart* I think I must have worn it a lot in my previous birth, 'coz I loved it so much. 

In the first two shots below, I am looking like a typical Arab woman who are often seen wearing bright lipstick, on the phone and holding a designer bag. 

Pictures courtesy Myraa Ahuja Photography
Have you ever worn a Burka?

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