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From the Archives - Androgyny

1:01 AM

I thought I will post some of the outfits I have 'Guest Posted' on other blogs on Sundays. Most of you wouldn't have seen them, but few of you who have, I hope you wouldn't mind! :) 

Outfit was Guest Posted on Bombay Bubble
Top - Ted Baker [09']; Pants - Sinclaire [11']
Shoes - BCBG [09']; Necklace - Gift [Mom 09']

I have never posted jokes here. I do not know why! oh well! I was going through my old emails while reminiscing and found this mail where I had sent this joke to a friend of mine, who was about to go meet her boyfriend's parents back then. Here it goes, 

A young Indian man excitedly tells his mother that he has  fallen in love and that
he is ready to get married.

He says, "Just for fun,  Ma, I'm going to bring over 3 women and you try and
guess which  one I'm  going to marry."  The mother agrees.

The next day, he brings three beautiful women into the house and sits them
down on the couch and they all chat for a while. He then  says, "Okay Ma, guess
which one I'm going to marry."

She immediately replies, "The one on the right."

"That's amazing, Ma. You're right. How did you know?"

The Indian mother replies, "I don't like her."

Oh! Well. Yes, that does happen (at times!) but luckily didn't happen to my friend. She is happily married to that 'same' guy for over four years now! :)

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  1. the joke..i really like your top and the way you coordinated the colors.

  2. lol mothers and sons!
    Love your shirt T!

  3. Ha! Love it. Tell us a few more jokes.
    Your outfit is fab, always like to see you in trousers. xxx

  4. Hahahah that joke is SO spot on! I'm about to become a sister-in-law and although I am usually nice to EVERYONE, this time I am going to have to fit the bill and play the stereotypical evil in-law. But I promise it is only because it is well-deserved. :)


  5. Love the trousers so well tailored and the shoes are hot :)

  6. love the last picture on the right..i really like ur silly pics :P

  7. hahaha tanvi :P
    i loved the joke.
    The whole "Saas" and "Bahu" drama -_-

    i liked your last picture,it's damn adorable!

  8. Needless to say...... I did check out the guest, no surprises there! :)

    But a joke on the blog - THAT's a pleasant (and funny) surprise!!! :))

  9. Hillarious love your joke. Thank You. You outfit for you guest post is great. Love how the colours in your top go with your shoes. Xxxx

  10. Hahhahahha. Love your colourful top and your joke. I shall tell today at a party I am going.

  11. You, my friend, have made my day. It's 9am in London as I write this and I'm going to think about this joke all day. Thank you.

    You look fabulous. I think this is one of my favourite of your looks. Classy.

  12. Great joke and cute outfit love that top!

  13. Haha love the joke!
    And foe the outfit i'd loved it n bombay bubble :)

  14. Hehe, that's actually a really funny joke.
    Ooo, love this guest posted outfit. The top is really pretty.

  15. Its the shoes, it pulls that outfit together so nicely:):) Ha, ha, that joke, sometimes it feels like that in MIL-DIL relationships, doesn't it?

  16. Cute joke! Love this outfit, too. I think I remember it from before, but still love the way you matched the shoes with the coral stripes of the shirt!

  17. Oh, I love the pop of pink in your outfit!

    Thanks for the joke too:)


  18. Hehe, that's funny though I guess not for the daughter in law. I love your shrug at the end - like "Hey it's just an outfit post!"

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  19. lol..

    P.S. had checked the outfit post .. but still nice to see it once again..

  20. Soo lovely!

    Maybe you'd like to follow each other? :)


  21. Good one! Last pic is too good! :) Also love the colours on the top!

  22. What a stylish look girl and the colors are so fabulously combined. The peach and the grey are so magnificent together. Love love love the little shoulders. Amazing

  23. hm good one~!

    You look great as usual

  24. Chic as always! Loved that joke and to a certain extent it is true!

  25. Ahahahhaha i loveee the joke, unfortunately this is really happening sometimes!! What to say my Tanvi for your look, whatever u wear I like, for example here I adore the stripe line on the top matched with coral shoes!:)

  26. I have been following your blogs from last few days and i find it quite interesting. If i m not mistaken ur roots seems to be from punjab. i find ur outfit pictures quite interesting and u have become a celebrity in ur own kingdom. i wonder are u working related to fashion industry or do this out of fun and passion for do you manage buying all these outfits....keep up the good work gal!!!!

  27. I'm glad you reposted this outfit since I think it's very fun! Also, I completely disagree with people who find your styling over the top! I think you do dress simply, but with colour, which is why I like your styling!

    And that joke definitely had me giggling!

  28. Great pants! Totally classic. xo style, she wrote

  29. That's SUCH a cute outfit, I especially love the pants and the shoes, and the blue contrasted with the orange!
    - Laura

  30. Hahaha love that! And the outfit :) Hope you're having a great weekend! xoxo

  31. I try to remember jokes but always mess them up. I was trying to comment on your last post but for some reason blogger wouldn't allow me. I wanted to comment about people thinking your outfits are over the top and I just wanna say "just do you boo". You will never please everyone but I do think is very kind of you to try to keep your readers in mind.


  32. Haha, love it :) It sounds like a Chinese mother as well!

  33. Super cool tank with 80's colors -- love how it's back in!

  34. hehe, that's a true joke, I guess, for many ;) funny nonetheless! I like the how the greys in the outfit are cordially shocked by the shoes. All fits well! :)

  35. Ahh a blast from the (rather recent) past! Thanks so much for guest posting for me! :) Love this look!


  36. HAHAH! That joke if funny.

    I love this outfit! It's business casual because of the slacks but the top makes it so fun. Love the colors. :O)

  37. That is a cute joke and Im loving your tee. Its so cute! Kisses, sunshine

  38. hahaha :P MIL jokes can never cease to be funny :D

    Intresting combo there :) I should try something like this to work sometime :)

  39. hahaha!! that joke is hilarious!!

    looks really nice! :-)



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