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Random Musings

Dress: American Rag [08']; Belts - J.Crew, Thrifted for $3.00 each [10']
Shoes - Børn [10']; Pendant - Hand-me-down from Mom [10']

I have a lot of random things to update and share with you guys. So this will be one of those bullet-point-kinda-post where we do not ponder but we just get straight to the point. Ready? ... Good
  • The winner of the Apothica Giveaway was chosen via the over the weekend. Yeh! no video this time. I figured you guys don't deserve to hear my sweet voice [:P] Kidding. Just didn't get time, Sorry! Congratulations to the winner - Check here, to know who! 
  • I was featured by the lovely Isabel over at her blog Walk of Fashion, yesterday. She asked me some rather inappropriate questions and I answered them rather rudely. Don't take my word for it, check it out. (I am crazy!)
  • The verdict from my poll it out - 184 people voted last week and a little over 60% people think I look like Neha Dhupia. Alright then, someone please tweet her to let her know that she has a long lost twin. For those who don't know, she is an Indian actress. 
  • do not have flawless skin, guys! I do take a lot of care but I have scars from teenage-breakout-days, big pores and just an average (but clean) skin. Just clarifying this, 'coz do not want to paint a false picture, as there is a good chance that I might meet you all in person ... one day! :o)  
  • Lastly, thank you everyone for adding their two cents to the Marriage Lessons. I definitely enjoyed reading them all and nodding in agreement with all of them. 
And that will be all for today! 

Below are the few ways in which I have worn the dress before. 
November [08'] February [10'] March [10']
November [10']; December [10']; May (NOW) [11']

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