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Process of Learning

Everybody, Everywear | Pattern Mixing

Top - Anthropolgie [09']; Dress - Banana Republic [09']; 
Shoes - Spring [10']; Belt - Super Old! (Donated it to Goodwill today!)
Bangles - From Here and there!; Bag - Rebecca Minkoff [11']

Recently someone asked me to lend them some advice on marriage which made me realize that I hadn't thought much on this 'topic' for a very long time. Of course I wouldn't have any real pearls of wisdom or anything 'hatke' (special) to say which hasn't already been said. I will be married for four years this July, and after speaking to many bloggers who have been married for over 25 years, honestly 4 years into a marriage = Kindergarten. 

But this is what I
have learnt am in the process of learning, ... so far:

You have to constantly adapt with your partner. As soon as you think you have figured it out something changes - circumstances, locations, likes/dislikes, ... just
something! and you've gotta adapt. No other way around it!

You have to chose your battles
aka save the ammunition *wink*. Of course you are not going to like everything about each other all the time but you cannot possibly pick a fight about everything all the time either, unless you are certified insane! Hence, you chose ... One thing at a time...

Do not make the relationship about tit-for-tat. You are two different people, you will make different mistakes and you have to learn to forgive at different times. Just because one of you made the mistake doesn't mean it is alright for the other one to make the same one
'coz then you are just going to keep going round and round which would make your head go dizzy and in turn make you insane [if you aren't already :P]

Though you have 'vowed'
in sickness and in health but still do not blurt out everything that comes to your mind 'coz it would seriously affect your mental health and I seriously doubt if your other half would remember the 'vow' that instance. Thus, Analyze -> Filter -> Process -> and then Deliver! Trust me it is not all that technical or difficult. 

Whoever said '
do not ever go to bed angry' had clearly not been married ... at least not without few hiccups (read: divorces) on the way. If you cannot think straight and have nothing constructive to add to the argument discussion then my advice would be - just go to bed. You would definitely have cooled off by the time you wake up, and probably grown some new brain cells to think straight. Always works for me...
Feel free to disagree with me 
share your pearls of marital wisdom, below.  

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