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Never Good Enough

Do you ever look back and think you were so naive 'back then'? Every couple of years later I mull over my actions and/or beliefs from few years back I invariably reach the same conclusion - "I can't believe, how naive I was!

I consider myself to be relatively smart, realistic, and even intelligent if I may say so myself. However, looking back I never think I was all that intelligent. I could have always done things differently. Done them better. Or find foolish of myself to believe in some people or trust them for their words. It is not regret. It is a mere analysis and after math of what goes on in my head. I am never happy with the 'past me'. The 'present me' always gives the 'past me' that aggrieved nod which you give someone when you cannot believe they could have been that disillusioned. Well, it is not 'quite' as dramatic as my writing makes it sounds but you catch my drift, don't you?

Also, for last couple of days I have been going through my initial outfit posts, and honestly I find them so lame! Poor photo quality, weird angles, just not post worthy. I knew they were not the best quality of pictures I was putting out there but of course I didn't think they were that bad up until now. I hope I don't think about my current posts in the same light next year! Here's to a better 'future me'.  

This is the outfit I wore yesterday, when I went to attend a blogger's event. More about it in up coming posts. 

Jumpsuit - Silence & Noise [10']; Shoes - BCBG [08']
Wrap - c/o 
Ring - Charlotte Russe [10']; Bangles - India [11']

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