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May 2011 in Review

Month of May in Outfits!
1. Glorious Sunshine
2. Long Live Cotton
3. A Clear Divide
4. Never Good Enough
5. Let's not make blogging a 'science'
6. Process of Learning
7. Random Musings
8. Who dresses like that?
9. Categories of Friends

Month of May was such an exciting and varied month, in terms of my fashion choices. There are three challenges in there (#2, #5 and #8), a lot of blabbing from my side, a few of my secrets revealed, some friends got the boot *wink* (not really!) and you guys learnt more about me. All in all a busy blog month, wouldn't you say? Also, a Special Thanks to everyone who took out a minute to fill the questionnaire. I really, ... really ... appreciate it. If you haven't then you sill can, it is open up until 30th June 2011. I will definitely share the results soon. 

But folks, the month of June is looking quite hectic for me and might keep me away from blogging every now and then. I have scheduled a few posts in advance
to entertain you all [kidding!] but mostly 'coz I am Type A organized freak! However, I hope you all will forgive me, if I am not able to comment on your posts as frequently I would like to. This should only be temporary and I will be back to addiction blogging in no time. But honestly, I am not sweating about it, 'coz I know you all "get me", right? ;)

Updated: Just for fun!

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