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Long Live Cotton

In the outfit below I might look like a Gandhiwadi (someone who follows Gandhi ji's ideologies, most popular one being non-voilence) but trust me, that was not the intention at all! For starters, among many other unpopular opinions that I have about Mr. Gandhi, I am quite violent, prone to temper, and impatient to the nth degree! Nonetheless, Mr. Gandhi got one thing right - Hand spun Cotton! It is the best fabric to wear in summer - cool and comfortable! If you know me (or follow me on twitter) then you know what I am talking about ... I hate synthetic and polyester. It makes my skin feel trapped and gasp for fresh air. Long live natural fabrics. Long Live Cotton!

Don't read any further, if you are here for fashion. What follows has nothing to do with even the 'F' of Fashion :) ...
Talking of Mr. Gandhi, I suddenly remembered a Chinese movie (my husband forced me to watch last week, for which I am thankful!) - Ip Man. The movie is based on true incidents from the life of a marital artist Yip Kai-Man who later, also became a teacher to many, one of whom is our very own Bruce Lee. After watching the movie I started to ponder about the concept of 'Patriotism'. Until now I hadn't thought much about it. Suddenly after watching the movie I wondered if 'Patriotism' was one of the hurdles in the path to World Peace. Think about it, if there was no patriotism, but only general regard and respect for mankind, no matter where they were born or bred, wouldn't the need to own, capture, secure and protect a man made boundary disappear? It is wonderful to be proud of one's heritage but if that converts into thinking that you are better superior than the other cultures, then it is not really a nobel concept now, is it?

In my understanding 'Patriotism' which first was a by product of all the wars and battles which had been fought by tribes, clans, cults, religious groups to survive, has transformed into the reason for which countries send thousands of their troops to war now
! It is soon becoming an obsolete emotion. This generation is all over the place. We are born in one country, study in another, work in the third country and then retire in all together new country. So which country are you going to be 'patriotic' about? And I do not mean for a sports game, I mean in the time for war? 

Moving on, below is what I shall refer to as
Photo Bomb! Pictures we took over the weekend, on a quite afternoon, in downtown against a lime green wall. Enjoy!

Top - COS [10'] 
Shoes - Rare [11']
Pants - Anokhi [India, 11'] 
Necklace - Gift [Mom 10']
Bracelet - Gift from a friend [Anita Sunder 10'] 

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