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Let's not make blogging a 'science'

Disclaimer: If you are not a blogger, then this might not interest you. 

if it sounds too spicy then I blame it on the Indian Food I had last night! :P 

So, here we go .... 

Since I have branched out into Fashion Blogging, which is since March-April 2010, I have read unbelievable number of posts on what a blogger should or shouldn't do.
Hey! for all you know I might have written a few such posts myself in the past too. But lately I feel that there are more and more posts analyzing '
the concept of blogging' than actually blogging. Of course some of these posts are helpful and you learn about new ways to make your blog better and what-not. But some of them are just bull crap telling you to do or not to do things that might annoy him/her or a bunch of them. [How to tweet, How to post, How to comment, etc.]

not make blogging a 'science'. It is not a matter of national security where people need to abide by a certain set of rules and norms. Everyone will fall (or may be not!) and learn and change if they wish to or vice versa. It was supposed to be a medium to share [your thoughts, art, ideas, outfits] and inspire. How about just letting it be that and not publish a standard operating manual on 'How to or not to Blog'. 

To make sure no one comes back with their paws to attack me, this
does not apply to technical blogs, forums, or any other community which is dedicated to the technical aspects of blogging. I do realize that there are people who are looking to make blogging their full time career and would be interesting in having all the tools and knowledge on how they can achieve that. This is more to do with everyday bloggers who wake up one day and decide they are going to impart their unasked for wisdom.  

** Moving on to the outfit, I wore it yesterday for an impromptu date night at an Indian Restaurant. We were craving to eat some South Indian food, after my cousin and my parents, coincidently, both told that they had South Indian food on Sunday! However, we eat dinner at 5 
ish pm and the restaurant only opens by 6pm, so we had to make do with North Indian meal. It was delicious nonetheless! 

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

Necklace - Handmade Gift by my cousin [Meetu D, 11']
Shirt - Old Navy [11']; Pants - Zara [11']
Shoes - Charlotte Russe [10']; Belt - Thrifted -> $3.00 [10']
Ring - c/o Anika Burke

I received this necklace in post yesterday and it totally made my day! After my post on pearls, where I had mentioned that I do not own any, my cousin (who is super sweet) sent me this necklace. She made it herself with some faux pearls and colored beads (color chosen by my favorite nephew) specially for me. How lucky am I? *big.grin* 

I also received this ring in post on Friday, by Anika Burke, (who had won my first Giveaway). Back then I didn't know that she herself, owns a cute little online store as well. She was kind enough to send me thing ring (which is also a flower by the way, going with the theme of the outfit) which I absolutely . So now, am I lucky or what? *wink*

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