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A Clear Divide

I have known, for quite some time now, that my audience has a clear divide between the ones who come here to read and the ones who come here for pictures. Of course, there are a few [there always are!] who cross over to both sides but mostly there is a crystal clear divide. There are days when I am inspired to write but not as much to dress up and then there are days when I am a fashionista on fire but do not have any worthy thought to pen down. Though my readers [aka you guys!] are kind enough to never spell that out for me [at least not in so many word! :P], but I do know when I am lacking in either of the areas. 

Needless to say I try to make everyone happy [write, outfits posts, reader's requests, fitness posts!] but believe it or not guys, I am only human [True Fact! :P]. So whenever I feel the pressure and realize my house of cards will come crashing down, I step back and chant - I Blog for Myself, I Blog for Myself, I Blog for Myself! It works as I manage to get my perspective back. This is,also, one of the reasons why I have started blogging only 2-3 times a week. 

I am really happy and humbled that all of you decide to join me on my crazy riot here and leave such wonderful comments. I do try and communicate with all of you via email/blog/twitter/facebook. However, if I still haven't reached you yet then I blame it on having only so many hours in the day. Nonetheless if you have been a regular reader here and haven't heard from me *ever* then please leave me a comment below and I will definitely check out your blog this weekend. Promise!

Now, over to the outfit post. The necklace I am wearing with this outfit is the one I picked from Cylde's Rebirth Etsy Store, with the store credit I had won thanks to all the votes from you guys. I love the necklace. I wish I had been proactive and actually clicked pictures of how it arrived in a small package, all wrapped in a colorful scarf! Totally made my day. You all must visit Merl's store. She has a fabulous collection of hand made jewelry. 

 Top - GAP [11']; Shorts - Kensie via TJ Maxx [09']; Booties - Steve Madden [10']
A moment to Thank my very ... verrry Handsome husband, 
one and only Mr. Fabulous!
for all the fabulous pictures he takes,!

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