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A Clear Divide

I have known, for quite some time now, that my audience has a clear divide between the ones who come here to read and the ones who come here for pictures. Of course, there are a few [there always are!] who cross over to both sides but mostly there is a crystal clear divide. There are days when I am inspired to write but not as much to dress up and then there are days when I am a fashionista on fire but do not have any worthy thought to pen down. Though my readers [aka you guys!] are kind enough to never spell that out for me [at least not in so many word! :P], but I do know when I am lacking in either of the areas. 

Needless to say I try to make everyone happy [write, outfits posts, reader's requests, fitness posts!] but believe it or not guys, I am only human [True Fact! :P]. So whenever I feel the pressure and realize my house of cards will come crashing down, I step back and chant - I Blog for Myself, I Blog for Myself, I Blog for Myself! It works as I manage to get my perspective back. This is,also, one of the reasons why I have started blogging only 2-3 times a week. 

I am really happy and humbled that all of you decide to join me on my crazy riot here and leave such wonderful comments. I do try and communicate with all of you via email/blog/twitter/facebook. However, if I still haven't reached you yet then I blame it on having only so many hours in the day. Nonetheless if you have been a regular reader here and haven't heard from me *ever* then please leave me a comment below and I will definitely check out your blog this weekend. Promise!

Now, over to the outfit post. The necklace I am wearing with this outfit is the one I picked from Cylde's Rebirth Etsy Store, with the store credit I had won thanks to all the votes from you guys. I love the necklace. I wish I had been proactive and actually clicked pictures of how it arrived in a small package, all wrapped in a colorful scarf! Totally made my day. You all must visit Merl's store. She has a fabulous collection of hand made jewelry. 

 Top - GAP [11']; Shorts - Kensie via TJ Maxx [09']; Booties - Steve Madden [10']
A moment to Thank my very ... verrry Handsome husband, 
one and only Mr. Fabulous!
for all the fabulous pictures he takes, oh.so.patiently!

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  1. Those booties are so amazing.


  2. I am interested in both ur posts as well as outfits. However this is a different case that i first have a glance on ur outfit after scrolling down. Then read the complete post and check the outfit again.

    u look gorgeous in the pics(as always) and ur booties and neck set are too chic. I really love ur shoe collection.

  3. Hi Tanvi,

    Relax Okay! I do understand the pressure you must feel, I guess, Fans like me who eagerly wait to read/watch ( I fall in both categories)do expect a lot from you.

    When you say that sometimes you are lacking... It is only natural also, I feel you have high standards you always try to overachieve.

    We love you Buddy! So Chill!
    I am sounding like a terrible bore. ( Trust me I am not)

    I hope this cheers you up! I thought you sounded a little low on spirits...

    Loads of Love,

  4. Tanvi...my fav blogger
    i love what youre wearing...
    and those booties are to die for...

  5. Tanvi relax. I know your readers have a certain sort of expectation from you ( I do too :)), but the blog is finally for you.

    It is so much fun to read (and see) what you post. You have a natural fun style that I wish we in Delhi become more comfortable with too.

    So write for yourself (and fit us in there too :))

  6. Not only do i love looking at gorgeous outfits its always good to read what you write because i love reading different perspectives and you for one always have interesting ones!

  7. I'm here for both! Its like my almost daily dose of introspection and what I could've worn, if i looked different..:)

    I stopped blogging in between for a couple of months, only because, I couldn't figure out, what people want to read.. or if I write something will they get offended/ will they like it.. and stuff like that..

    I chanted "I Blog For Myself" everyday to sleep, the last couple of weeks, and viola.. I think I wrote more in the last two weeks, than the rest of this year.. Also, to challenge myself, I'm taking up a daily blogging activity.. starting 23rd may..[yaay]!! So.. *clink* here's to Blogging for Ourselves!!! :)

  8. we all completely love your work, be it the pictures, the styling, the work out tips and of course the chowmein stuff :)
    just be yourself and enjoy the experience, you write for yourself and people who are genuinely fond of what you are, what you speak and what you share.
    of course having Ashish being such a pillar is a blessing for you.
    God bless you Babe and stay the same !

  9. You should enjoy blogging and all the love from your readers. Leave the stress and pressure alone.

    Love that tank btw :)

  10. Awww, the 'thanks' to Mr. Fabulous is so sweet :)
    And adore the outfit, the necklace and the booties are so great...

  11. Tough job to please everybody.. but you do it amazingly well! :)

    Whether people come only for pictures or only for your words, you cant help but come for both in a very short time! Serious! Am not just trying to make u feel beter...

    Love the booties and i love the 4th picture! Ur hubby really does take great pictures!

  12. I loved how you post Mr. Fabulous's picture in the end! Very sweet :)And you seem to have lost weight :)

  13. I like both. :) But I am sure you knew that. I feel that my readership is somewhat divided as well.

  14. Oh Tanvi no worries! I love everything you post whether they are pictures or your musings or both. At the end it is still your voice or ideas coming through and that is why I read your blog,

    Now who loves short shorts! I do! On Tanvi. You look smoking hot and tell your husband he is also Mr Handsome.

  15. You always make me happy, Tanvi.
    You may look like a goddess but you're only human, sometimes words, sometimes, food, sometimes fashion, sometimes philosophy...keep it coming. xxx

  16. Congrats on the necklace and nice to see the ever patient Mr. Fabulous.

    You know I come for both right? ;)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  17. :) I love how this post ends! I also think it's so cool to have variety in what you write/ express, so all goes! and well !!

  18. The outfit looks good on u and you look awesome in that outfit...great prose and great pics.

  19. I always come to record your narration which is simply superb...




  21. I can totally identify with what you're saying. I've been going through a rather dry blogging phase lately and posts more sparsely because of the sheer effort it takes sometimes. Well, like you said we're all only human:)

    Lovely how you sneaked in a pic of Mr Fabulous!!


  22. You are so right about this divide between a blog's reader base. But the whole point is then to enjoy what your are churning out. Love your booties :)

  23. Sweetie whether they come for the words or the pictures they all come eagerly for you :) The necklace is such a good pick and the grey looks so good, bu the best part is the thanks to Mr. Fabulous! Tres tres cute :)

  24. oh dear chillax and enjoy blogging.. you definitely do it for yourself..and we get to enjoy to in our own way ..
    P.S. .. love those boots and shorts and the tee..

  25. very cute. amazing boots!!! you have an amazing blog and its your space to do whatever

    Lydz xX

  26. wow...love the boots and the attitude on ur face. :) And of course ur hubby is truly fab.

  27. Tanvi, I hope u know that which side of the divide I stand on...It has been ur writing that caught my fancy but the line has blurred and skewed in favor of pictures offlate...Both are of exceptional quality btw!

    Its fun to follow u irrespective of the divide . How I wish u followed me back ?!! ;)


  28. Your posts are so interesting,how can anybody NOT read them!? :p
    Anyhow,the neckpiece is to die for. I'm loving your hair! :)


  29. its so easy to get caught up in the politics of blogging - and i am DEFINITELY going to use your chant. a very good reminder!

    you are ROCKIN that clydes rebirth necklace!!!!! so happy you won it!!! :D

  30. well i am here for both in fact I have read all your previous posts too but i consider pics a bonus
    love the cut work on the top
    have a happy weekend

  31. Haaye, the booties are to die for! I always love the way you dress up :) you never disappoint your readers.

    Btw, the url to my blog has changed. Please follow again :)

  32. I love reading your posts, and looking at all the amazing fashion. Its really a win win :)

    Love ur booties! Such great photos, as always :)
    Have a great day!

  33. Shorts! how *fun*

    also the range of topics you cover, it must be drawing a variety of crowds! But yes even I agree sometimes it must get cumbersome, to separate your blogging drive from your audiences'!

  34. Yes, indeed, blogging expectations can get one all stressed out:):) But you are doing great Tanvi - love just checking out your photos, or reading your thoughts about things. You and your husband are incredible models:):)

  35. Ok can I just say I'm head over heels for the booties!! They are fabulous and the color if perfect!!!

    Awe that is too sweet of you to post a photo of the hubby! What a great wife! :)

    Have a lovely weekend.


  36. Mrs. & Mr. Fabulous, nice pics :)

  37. I love your chant, it is very calming indeed. Must remember it when I panic. Great shots as always, you can tell they are taken by someone who obviously loves you very much. Xxxx

  38. of late i have chanting the chant myself!!!.....

    and i really like your putting the hubby's pic at the last....one of the main problems i have in posting my outfit pics is that my hubby doesnt have the patience to click my outfit pics!!!...

    really like the shorts and the necklace.....

  39. Love the outfit and those booties are wow!
    I really like the new layout as well :)

  40. lovely shirt! the patterns on your shirt is really cute

  41. I love your personal style and your writing, but more often than not I just comment on your style and leave it at that coz I am just bad at leaving comments. Don't ask me why, I am weird like that :p Anyhoo..strted admiring just so much more when you posted your pics on one of the posts even when 'you' felt that was not your best shot..That shows your confidence and the kind of person you are tanvi..Honest and true to yourself :) Keep it stylish..

  42. I think you have a good mixture of fashion, fitness and writing on your blog. You're one of the only few bloggers who mixes everything so well.

    The necklace looks amazing. Statement necklaces are definitely gorgeous and this one is no exception. And the shorts look great. Also, really really loving the shoes.

  43. Mr. Fabulous, thank you!!!
    Meetu D

  44. Give your hubby a big kiss for picture number two from the top. It's fantastic in every sense.

  45. love the top! I mostly come for both i guess.. and your pics do help me getting off my a$ and going to the gym ;)

  46. i always read you too Tanvi, but i guess the pics are so mind blowing that they always catch the eyeballs longer and the comments flow on that thereby:-)

    this is a very sweet write up and i am sure everyone is super happy after this one...can anyone dare complain to someone so adorable?:-)

  47. Girl, good for you on being clear on why you're here! That's really important to keep in perspective! Also, hopefully people are understanding about you getting back to them! I have way less readers than you do, and I still struggle to make time. You will get to it! :)

    I like your shorts!!


  48. One thing I don't worry about is people coming to my blog for the lame photography! You have mad skillz though :-)

  49. Mostly I come to read but analyze pictures too from technical perspective...:))) You post good pictures.

    Glad you posted your husband's picture this time :))

  50. I loved this post & think that you have a great perspective, I agree, blog for you & not for anyone else! You look beautiful, and I adore your outfit for this. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. :)

  51. You look fabulous, Tanvi! I love that necklace- excellent choice! I was wondering what you would get with your gift card! You clearly have a very loving husband (who's also a great photographer)- nice work!

  52. You look bomb.com in those shorts! So glad I found your blog!

    Now following, hope you'll follow back!

    Ask the Duplex

  53. Aaahhh! Shorts & tanks for that perfect summer style! The necklace looks awesome - great pick!! :)

    You know...whenever I see your lovely snaps, I think that if only I had such a patient, sweet & not-to-mention a good photographer hubby to click my pictures, then I wouldn't have to put up with my sister's tantrums & mood swings (every time she clicks for me, she behaves as if she's doing me a HUGE favour!!!).......but I guess, some people are just plain lucky...... ;)

  54. Ohooooo first CONGRATS on your fab husband!!!:DD and second-luckily he was next to u while u were wearing that mini outfit,otherwise somebody would have car accident!!!!u gorgeous traffic stopper!:DD

  55. love your booties..!!
    lovely blog you got here..
    may be we can follow each other!!
    --kisses ♥

  56. That explains your less than regular posts! I drop in for both, a dose of lovely and for your thoughtful posts, so keep going (at the pace that suits you!)

  57. That necklace is feirce...I WANT IT!

    I totally understand where you are coming from. As a blogger too, I find it is hard for me to balance life and blogging. but I also chant "blogging is for me" because I do in fact blog for myself and should always remember that! =)


  58. Chanting "I blog for myself" is really really important! I have definitely felt the pressure! But you're doing a great job. :O)

    PS: I mean this in the least creepy way possible, but the fitness regime is working out because your legs look great!

  59. I agree! One must blog for herself and what she feels like writing and sharing. Sometimes the pressure gets to me too. :)

    Anyway, pretty outfit! And your hair looks amazing. :)

  60. Daaaaamn, Tanvi! With legs like those, who needs words? :) I hear you; sometimes I struggle to pull together something to say about an outfit, especially like the one in yesterday's post. Keeping it short is better than forced in my opinion.

    The necklace is beautiful. I won a store credit back in October and I absolutely adore the necklace I selected. And, I just won another won over on Morgan's blog! Apparently me and Clyde's Rebirth jewelry are meant to be. Can't wait to see how you wear this next!

  61. okay like its been said 62 times already..... u look fab!!
    I am a new reader of your blog and i didn't know u were married untill today... you guys make such a nice pair!!

  62. Loving all the chic poses... Loving your outfit...and I love reading what you have to say and viewing all your fashion choices.

  63. Your necklace is awesome. Great to find your blog and I'm glad you found mine. xo

  64. I come here becoz I like you and think of you as someone very dear to me. Yes, there are days, when I dont want to read *any* blogs and thats more to do with work/less sleep than anything else. And that reflects in my comments:-)
    I like ur content more that clothes - not sure if you will like my honesty. I do like ur clothes but I only leave comments when I like something in ur outfit. You have often written that you are not looking for approval, so if I not that crazy about ur clothes/accessories I dont say anything. In the end, everyone has different taste and nothing is good or bad. I am no fashionista to judge anyone. And I certainly dont want to hurt anyone's feelings.

    I am also amazed at how down to earth you are! You are true to urself and that comes across in the blog. ur parents have done a great job. So just do what u like becoz after all it ur blog!

    Coming to the outfit - this one is really sexy! I love ur top. Going to check out Gap and see if its still available.

  65. love your boots. i think i read your blog for both what you say and what you wear!

    nice to see mr. fabulous making an appearance!

  66. I love when Etsy packages arrive their always well packaged and pretty the necklace is amazing so glad you one the contest I voted for you! Cute hubby!

  67. You look beautiful and so lovely to see a photo of your husband:) Wish you both a great afternoon, sunshine

  68. You're so cute! Love the shorts!

  69. Wow that is one awesome necklace Tanvi. I might have to check that out. And I think I am one of the readers that tends to look at outfits. I will read when posts are short and to the point. But I know the feeling..I have both types of readers too... Your pictures are definitely looking good.

  70. Heels with shorts is a MUST, I say. I really like this look. It's casual, sexy, and unexpected. Do you notice that people stare at your legs when you wear heels with shorts?

  71. Ai hai...i loveee the shorts! and the photos are just tooooo good...fabulous photos and fabulous A!

  72. Have I commented on this post??? If I haven't why not??? GRRRR, I am having such problems with Blogger.

    I don't actually visit blogs for the outfits. It's the person that interests me. So their words and their images are of equal interest.
    I unfortunately do blog for myself and what that means is I then don't follow the 'blogging rules'. I say unfortunately because I have come to realise that this is very much a quid pro quo medium and I don't have the time nor inclination to play the game. So I don't reap the rewards. That's fine. I have come to terms with it.

    Love the booties and LOVE the legs! and your hair. your smile.
    ...and Dr Fab is looking rather hot too!!

    I love the way you have the 'shop this outfit' type links now. You are brilliant.


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