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Categories of Friends

The weekends always seems to go by too soon, wouldn't you agree?

*The phrase "get me" has been used in the post below to the effect of meaning 'understand me' or 'believe me'

Over the weekend, I found myself pondering over the 'concept of friends and friendship'. While growing up I had a lot of friends. Like a.lot. Now I have different categories of friends - junior school, middle school, high school, college, work, husband's friends, friends of friends, blogging friends, ... Phew! exhausting, right? Out of which I can safely say only 3 or maximum 4 four actually 'know' me or at least I think they know me! 

So over this weekend I came up with few (few being the key word here) new categories which make a lot more sense to the 'adult' me.
1. People who love me but do not "get me"
2. People who love me and "get me"
3. People who simply just "get me"

It might appear that #2 type of people would be my favorite, but surprisingly I decided that #3 are my favorite. I am at a point in my life that I just need people to "get me" whether they love or hate is not really that important! Simply put - those are their emotions hence their problem. Definitely, not mine. Most times, it is just wonderful when people understand what you are saying, and you do not have to go on and on to explain yourself or convince them about your each and every action or thought! 

Now, #1 sorta people would currently be a big obligation in my life.  Their love doesn't allow me to let go of them (break up!) but talking to them is as good as banging my head against a wall! Really. I just wish they would get off their high horses and accept the world as it is. 

Lastly #2, which is definitely a scarcity, not only in my life but world over, right now but the few that I have, I really do 'cherish' them with all that I've got. Though their love can weigh me down sometimes, but I am not complaining. I'd rather have them in my life than not! 

My new theory could easily be applied to everyone in my life, except lets face it, when family is concerned, whether they "get you" or not, you have to brave-throught-it-with-a-smile!  

P.S. If the whole #3, #2, #1 and #1, #2, #3 made your head go dizzy then excuse me, just enjoy the pictures. 

We saw Pirates of the Caribbean and Bridesmaids on Friday, 
and this is What I Wore. 

Inner - Massimo Dutti [05']; Tank - Pink by Victoria Secrets [09']
Skirt - MANGO [11]; Shoes - Via Lulu's Gift Card [11']
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