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May 2011 in Review

Month of May in Outfits!
1. Glorious Sunshine
2. Long Live Cotton
3. A Clear Divide
4. Never Good Enough
5. Let's not make blogging a 'science'
6. Process of Learning
7. Random Musings
8. Who dresses like that?
9. Categories of Friends

Month of May was such an exciting and varied month, in terms of my fashion choices. There are three challenges in there (#2, #5 and #8), a lot of blabbing from my side, a few of my secrets revealed, some friends got the boot *wink* (not really!) and you guys learnt more about me. All in all a busy blog month, wouldn't you say? Also, a Special Thanks to everyone who took out a minute to fill the questionnaire. I really, ... really ... appreciate it. If you haven't then you sill can, it is open up until 30th June 2011. I will definitely share the results soon. 

But folks, the month of June is looking quite hectic for me and might keep me away from blogging every now and then. I have scheduled a few posts in advance
to entertain you all [kidding!] but mostly 'coz I am Type A organized freak! However, I hope you all will forgive me, if I am not able to comment on your posts as frequently I would like to. This should only be temporary and I will be back to addiction blogging in no time. But honestly, I am not sweating about it, 'coz I know you all "get me", right? ;)

Updated: Just for fun!

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The Flexible Quiz

First of all, THANK YOU so much for answering my short survey! You all are so wonderful and supportive that if you guys were right here I would have given a  BIG hug, or may be not, 'coz intuitively I am not much of a 'hugger', but you catch my drift :). So, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You really make blogging an awesome experience for me! So, today again we have one of those tags, which have been pending on my list for a while and since I have been pretttty busy planning/enjoying the long weekend, I thought I will get on with this quiz in the mean time. 

Rules of the Quiz

Rule 1- The tagged person must write their answers on their blog and replace any questions they dislike with one formulated by themselves.

Rule 2- Tag 4 people to do this quiz. They cannot refuse (although there is nothing to stop them from refusing). The tag-ee must state who tagged them. 

Ok so let's get started. I'm tagged by the aweeeesomeee Caribbean Princess

1. Name 3 things you are looking forward to -
My Brother's Wedding, 2) My 30th Birthday, 3) My 5th Wedding Anniversary! 

2. If you could have a dream come true what would it be?
 Without sounding ridiculous, can I please say World Peace! I really mean it. I am done with all the Politics.

3. What would you do with a billion dollars? Buy a house, buy a ticket to visit every country left on my list and donate rest (if anything is left!). Yes, I'm selfish!

4. What helps to pull yourself out of a bad mood? Ice Cream! ...or Holiday plans? ;)

5. What is your bedtime routine? Wash my face, apply my cremes, change my clothes and say hello! to sweet dreams :)

6. If you are currently in a relationship, how did you meet your significant other? My husband stalked me, then approached me, then swept me off my feet and got me to say Yes! to marriage. Simple! 

7. What kinds of books do you read? Fiction, mostly.

8. How do you see yourself in 10 years? Mostly same.  Happier (& richer), but same!

9. What's your weird habit? I like to chew on ice cubes *hmmm*

10. Would you give up all junk food for the rest of your life for the oppotunity to see outer space? I am not fond of junk food, except chocolates. And NO! I will not give them up ... at least NOT for outer space :P

11. What's the first thing you do when you wake up? Brush my teeth and wash my face. 

12. If you could change one thing about your significant other what would it be? Nothing! I wouldn't change anything. Every change has its own consequences. Wise, eh? ;)

13. If you could pick a new name for yourself what would it be? Best gift my mother gave me - My Name! I would never change it. N.E.V.E.R.

14. If you could choose between 6 months of sun or 6 months of rain, what would you choose? I have always lived in cities, except London, which have had more than enough Sun [Delhi, Dubai, Austin & San Antonio (Texas)]. So, since I am used to it, I would choose Sun! 

15. If you could only eat one thing for the next 6 months what would it be? Subway Veggie Delite or Cous Cous

16. What do you enjoy about blogging the most? Interaction with readers and other bloggers. Oh! Whom am I kidding, I love the compliments ;)

17. Do you prefer salty or sweet foods? Salty ... and Spicy! 

18. What items are in your handbag right now? Phew! This could take forever. Check the following post for the complete answer - What's in your bag?

19. If you had to choose between vacationing on a beach or on mountains, which would you choose? Beaches in Australia, when it is winters in Texas. Mountains anywhere, when it is Summers in Texas! 

20. What do you watch on television that you know you shouldn't? Errrr I can only think of Gossip Girl! I do not, really watch much of television! I do watch a lot of movies.    

Four Bloggers I am tagging are 
Cassee MarieJelena Zivanovic,Titine and Totoche (either of the two sisters), and Eboni Ife'. These are all fabulous ladies with whom I have come across in last 2-3 months and I can safely say we struck a chord almost instantaneously. 

I thought I will leave you with some random-osity! ... No Reason! ;)
 Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

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Categories of Friends

The weekends always seems to go by too soon, wouldn't you agree?

*The phrase "get me" has been used in the post below to the effect of meaning 'understand me' or 'believe me'

Over the weekend, I found myself pondering over the 'concept of friends and friendship'. While growing up I had a lot of friends. Like a.lot. Now I have different categories of friends - junior school, middle school, high school, college, work, husband's friends, friends of friends, blogging friends, ... Phew! exhausting, right? Out of which I can safely say only 3 or maximum 4 four actually 'know' me or at least I think they know me! 

So over this weekend I came up with few (few being the key word here) new categories which make a lot more sense to the 'adult' me.
1. People who love me but do not "get me"
2. People who love me and "get me"
3. People who simply just "get me"

It might appear that #2 type of people would be my favorite, but surprisingly I decided that #3 are my favorite. I am at a point in my life that I just need people to "get me" whether they love or hate is not really that important! Simply put - those are their emotions hence their problem. Definitely, not mine. Most times, it is just wonderful when people understand what you are saying, and you do not have to go on and on to explain yourself or convince them about your each and every action or thought! 

Now, #1 sorta people would currently be a big obligation in my life.  Their love doesn't allow me to let go of them (break up!) but talking to them is as good as banging my head against a wall! Really. I just wish they would get off their high horses and accept the world as it is. 

Lastly #2, which is definitely a scarcity, not only in my life but world over, right now but the few that I have, I really do 'cherish' them with all that I've got. Though their love can weigh me down sometimes, but I am not complaining. I'd rather have them in my life than not! 

My new theory could easily be applied to everyone in my life, except lets face it, when family is concerned, whether they "get you" or not, you have to brave-throught-it-with-a-smile!  

P.S. If the whole #3, #2, #1 and #1, #2, #3 made your head go dizzy then excuse me, just enjoy the pictures. 

We saw Pirates of the Caribbean and Bridesmaids on Friday, 
and this is What I Wore. 

Inner - Massimo Dutti [05']; Tank - Pink by Victoria Secrets [09']
Skirt - MANGO [11]; Shoes - Via Lulu's Gift Card [11']
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Who dresses like that?

 Jacket - Zara [11']; Tank - American Apparel [11']; Tie - Husband's! 
Jeans - Gap [09']; Shoes - BCBG [10']

Submitted this look for Bloggers Do It Better Challenge at Pretty Shiny Sparkly 

Usually I do not dissect my outfits, as to 'why I am wearing, what I am wearing'. I go with the vibe I wake up to ... Rules be damned! Also, as I have mentioned a numerous times before, I always dress according to the occasion and most importantly the weather. However, this outfit was purely created for the challenge [Prep School] although I have always had a thing for ties. I always wore them with my formal suits (back when I wore formal suits) and no one ever asked me why! Later, I gave away my amazing tie collection to my brother, I wonder if he still has them *hmmm*. Nonetheless, I did wear this outfit and went out in public. Fact! 

Now San Antonio (where I live), though is a fabulous city, but just isn't one of the most fashion forward places in the country. Needless to say in comparison I am always the 'most' dressed female in the crowd, unless I am strolling around Saks or Neiman Marcus but who cares, right? These pictures were taken on a Sunday afternoon, near a school and a church, where there were enough passer bys, I am sure wondering what the heck was going on and why I was dressed like a rainbow! But again, who cares, right? I have always loved hot pink and orange together. It is one of the boldest combinations out there. Plus, I think, brought some sunshine to our Sunday afternoon :) ... What do you guys think? 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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Random Musings

Dress: American Rag [08']; Belts - J.Crew, Thrifted for $3.00 each [10']
Shoes - Børn [10']; Pendant - Hand-me-down from Mom [10']

I have a lot of random things to update and share with you guys. So this will be one of those bullet-point-kinda-post where we do not ponder but we just get straight to the point. Ready? ... Good
  • The winner of the Apothica Giveaway was chosen via the over the weekend. Yeh! no video this time. I figured you guys don't deserve to hear my sweet voice [:P] Kidding. Just didn't get time, Sorry! Congratulations to the winner - Check here, to know who! 
  • I was featured by the lovely Isabel over at her blog Walk of Fashion, yesterday. She asked me some rather inappropriate questions and I answered them rather rudely. Don't take my word for it, check it out. (I am crazy!)
  • The verdict from my poll it out - 184 people voted last week and a little over 60% people think I look like Neha Dhupia. Alright then, someone please tweet her to let her know that she has a long lost twin. For those who don't know, she is an Indian actress. 
  • do not have flawless skin, guys! I do take a lot of care but I have scars from teenage-breakout-days, big pores and just an average (but clean) skin. Just clarifying this, 'coz do not want to paint a false picture, as there is a good chance that I might meet you all in person ... one day! :o)  
  • Lastly, thank you everyone for adding their two cents to the Marriage Lessons. I definitely enjoyed reading them all and nodding in agreement with all of them. 
And that will be all for today! 

Below are the few ways in which I have worn the dress before. 
November [08'] February [10'] March [10']
November [10']; December [10']; May (NOW) [11']

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Process of Learning

Top - Anthropolgie [09']
Dress - Banana Republic [09']
Shoes - Spring [10']
Belt - Super Old! (Donated it to Goodwill today!)
Bangles - From Here and there!
Bag - Rebecca Minkoff [11']

Recently someone asked me to lend them some advice on marriage which made me realize that I hadn't thought much on this 'topic' for a very long time. Of course I wouldn't have any real pearls of wisdom or anything 'hatke' (special) to say which hasn't already been said. I will be married for four years this July, and after speaking to many bloggers who have been married for over 25 years, honestly 4 years into a marriage = Kindergarten. 

But this is what I
have learnt am in the process of learning, ... so far:
  1. You have to constantly adapt with your partner. As soon as you think you have figured it out something changes - circumstances, locations, likes/dislikes, ... just something! and you've gotta adapt. No other way around it!
  2. You have to chose your battles aka save the ammunition *wink*. Of course you are not going to like everything about each other all the time but you cannot possibly pick a fight about everything all the time either, unless you are certified insane! Hence, you chose ... One thing at a time...
  3. Do not make the relationship about tit-for-tat. You are two different people, you will make different mistakes and you have to learn to forgive at different times. Just because one of you made the mistake doesn't mean it is alright for the other one to make the same one 'coz then you are just going to keep going round and round which would make your head go dizzy and in turn make you insane [if you aren't already :P]
  4. Though you have 'vowed' in sickness and in health but still do not blurt out everything that comes to your mind 'coz it would seriously affect your mental health and I seriously doubt if your other half would remember the 'vow' that instance. Thus, Analyze -> Filter -> Process -> and then Deliver! Trust me it is not all that technical or difficult. 
  5. Whoever said 'do not ever go to bed angry' had clearly not been married ... at least not without few hiccups (read: divorces) on the way. If you cannot think straight and have nothing constructive to add to the argument discussion then my advice would be - just go to bed. You would definitely have cooled off by the time you wake up, and probably grown some new brain cells to think straight. Always works for me...
Feel free to disagree with me and/or 
share your pearls of marital wisdom, below.  



Secrets to Glowing Skin

No Make Up, except Kajal (Kohl) and Lipstick
  1. Workout - It will detox your pores. 
  2. Food - Eat raw, fibrous, seasonal fruits and veggies to help your skin hydrate & rejuvenate.
  3. Cleanse -  Wash your face with a cleanser appropriate for your skin type
  4. Moisturize - Wear a moisturizer (with SPF 20 minutes before getting out of home).
All my teenage and up until 2 years back, I have struggled to keep a clear and glowing complexion. I have an oily skin, which is prone to easy tanning, sun spots and breakouts. However ever since I went to the dermatologist, and followed his advice to the 'T' I can honestly say my skin is at its best and glowing. One most important tip that I have learnt is that do not experiment with your facial products. It takes about 6-8 weeks for any product to show results. If it works for you then stick with it. Do not go on trying everything new on the shelves.

10 Random facts about my skin regime:

1. I do not use foundation, concealer, primer, etc. at all (except for weddings)
2. I use eye cream daily
3. I wash and moisturize my face 3 times in the day
4. I make sure I remove my Kajal (kohl) before I go to bed
5. I avoid fried food
6. I apply a face mask once a week
7. I use a mild scrub twice a week
8. I do not experiment with too many new products
9. I use Almond oil to fight extreme dryness (in winters)
10. I use chilled Rose Water to soothe (in summers)

Now on an absolutely unrelated topic, over the years I have been told that I look like various celebrities. Of course I do not see the resemblance but when more than one person states the same names, one cannot help but wonder, right? So here are the 5 celebrities (4 Indian and 1 American) and Me. Tell me, do do you see any similarities?

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Let's not make blogging a 'science'

Disclaimer: If you are not a blogger, then this might not interest you. 

if it sounds too spicy then I blame it on the Indian Food I had last night! :P 

So, here we go .... 

Since I have branched out into Fashion Blogging, which is since March-April 2010, I have read unbelievable number of posts on what a blogger should or shouldn't do.
Hey! for all you know I might have written a few such posts myself in the past too. But lately I feel that there are more and more posts analyzing '
the concept of blogging' than actually blogging. Of course some of these posts are helpful and you learn about new ways to make your blog better and what-not. But some of them are just bull crap telling you to do or not to do things that might annoy him/her or a bunch of them. [How to tweet, How to post, How to comment, etc.]

not make blogging a 'science'. It is not a matter of national security where people need to abide by a certain set of rules and norms. Everyone will fall (or may be not!) and learn and change if they wish to or vice versa. It was supposed to be a medium to share [your thoughts, art, ideas, outfits] and inspire. How about just letting it be that and not publish a standard operating manual on 'How to or not to Blog'. 

To make sure no one comes back with their paws to attack me, this
does not apply to technical blogs, forums, or any other community which is dedicated to the technical aspects of blogging. I do realize that there are people who are looking to make blogging their full time career and would be interesting in having all the tools and knowledge on how they can achieve that. This is more to do with everyday bloggers who wake up one day and decide they are going to impart their unasked for wisdom.  

** Moving on to the outfit, I wore it yesterday for an impromptu date night at an Indian Restaurant. We were craving to eat some South Indian food, after my cousin and my parents, coincidently, both told that they had South Indian food on Sunday! However, we eat dinner at 5 
ish pm and the restaurant only opens by 6pm, so we had to make do with North Indian meal. It was delicious nonetheless! 

Necklace - Handmade Gift by my cousin [Meetu D, 11']
Shirt - Old Navy [11']; Pants - Zara [11']
Shoes - Charlotte Russe [10']; Belt - Thrifted -> $3.00 [10']
Ring - c/o Anika Burke

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