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We Won!

We are the CHAMPIONS!

Thank you for all the wishes for the Indian team. Some of you who asked for the update. Here it is - WE WON! Though, victory didn't come easy, but at last it did. India has won the Cricket World Cup after 28 years, [i.e. I was 1.5 year old in 1983 :)]. It was a match well played, class act by both Indian and Sri Lankan team! It was like viewing a match which was played by all gentlemen. What an honor! Absolutely worth waking up at 3:30am for and cheering till the last ball. M.S. Dhoni, Captain of the team, has my respect. The guy had the demeanor of the champion and an enviable focus of a class leader. Also, a mention of Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara's speech toward the end. It was a testament of what real sportsmanship is and how real sportsman cheers for the opposite team with grace and candor. There is nothing more I can say about Sachin Tendulkar, greatest cricket player ever, that hasn't already been said or written. The best quote I have ever heard in his honor which I would like to repeat here is, "Most people are lucky to be born Indian; India is lucky that Sachin was born Indian." To be part of the winning World Cup team which played on the home front was the final feather in his rather elaborately-triumphed-successful cap! 

I cannot articulate my thoughts and feelings any more at this moment. Emotions are running high. I am so proud to be an Indian! Cricket is like a religion in India. This is one day, I wish I was back home so that I could be part of all the shindig and celebrations. Nonetheless, we all had quite a twitter party this morning with all the Indian bloggers in the American continent and in India. Now didn't we girls? 

I will spend the weekend celebrating the Indian victory and be back with my usual shenanigans from Monday morning. Have a great weekend everyone :)

P.S. This time I lost about 3 followers but then gained 7 by the end of the day! Not too bad, eh? ;)

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